Weaver's Web (Moonshadow Bay #6) - Yasmine Galenorn


Welcome back to January Jaxon’s world—the world of Moonshadow Bay.

Thanks to my usual crew: Samwise, my husband, Andria and Jennifer—without their help, I’d be swamped. To the women who have helped me find my way in indie, you’re all great, and thank you to everyone. To my wonderful cover artist, Ravven, for the beautiful work she’s done. Thanks to my beloved niece Jade Fyrenis and my best friend Carol Shannon, two of the most remarkable and magickal women I know.

Also, my love to my furbles, who keep me happy. My heart is over the rainbow with my Rainbow Girls, and here in the present with our current babies. My most reverent devotion to Mielikki, Tapio, Ukko, Rauni, and Brighid, my spiritual guardians and guides. My love and reverence to Herne, and Cernunnos, and to the Fae, who still rule the wild places of this world. And a nod to the Wild Hunt, which runs deep in my magick, as well as in my fiction.

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Brightest Blessings,

~The Painted Panther~

~Yasmine Galenorn~


Just when Killian and I are planning our vacation, Cupid strikes Moonshadow Bay. But it’s not exactly love at first sight for the victims, and we at Conjure Ink have our hands full. Someone’s attacking townsfolk, shooting them with arrows that are enchanted by a love potion. Not only are the victims hurt, but they fall into obsessive love—a love that can be dangerous.

And in the middle of this, a restaurant that used to be a funeral home is having ghostly encounters of the harrowing kind. I just hope we can take care of all of this before Killian and I head off on vacation to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

*This book contains the novella that was published in the Aged To Perfection anthology. The anthology is no longer available.*

Reading Order for the Moonshadow Bay Series:

Book 1: Starlight Web

Book 2: Midnight Web

Book 3: Conjure Web

Book 4: Harvest Web

Book 5: Shadow Web

Book 6: Weaver’s Web

Book 7: Crystal Web (forthcoming)


When I arrived home from work, Killian was in the kitchen, making lasagna for dinner. He was wearing my apron—a retro design of bright cherries on black material—and he was dancing in place to the song “Joy to the World,” a real throwback to the 1970s. I hadn’t heard Three Dog Night since I was a teenager and my parents played their albums. That was back when music still came mostly on vinyl and my father scolded me about not putting the records away in the right sleeves, and heaven help me if I scratched his records.

“Well, if this isn’t a pleasant sight,” I said, grinning. As I sat my purse on the table, I noticed that printouts of some transaction were scattered there. “What’s this?”

“Remember last September, when we were talking about going to Nimah Rock for Valentine’s Day?” He finished layering the last of the noodles over the meat sauce and ricotta, then sprinkled enough mozzarella and parmesan on top to make me salivate. He popped the pan in the oven and then began cleaning up.

I shrugged off my coat and moved to help him, handing him the dirty dishes as he rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher. “Yeah, and I still love the idea.”

He stopped mid-wash and leaned down to kiss me. “Good. Because I made a reservation at the Heart’s End B&B for four days over Valentine’s Day weekend.

“Really?” I clapped my hands. “You mean we’re really going to do it?”

“Yes, love. Do you want some wine?”

My heart warming, I nodded. Killian treated me like a queen and, after my past, I never took it for granted. “Rosé, please. And thank you—I love that you’re so romantic. I need that in my life.” I kissed him again, lingering this time, and then crossed to the table and sat down. At that moment Xi and Klaus raced through the kitchen, skidding to avoid the rolling container of dry kibble. Xi was chasing her brother. “They’ve got the zoomies.”

“They’ve had the zoomies all afternoon,” Killian said, wiping his hands on a paper towel. I had beautiful hand towels in the kitchen but they were for display,