Vampire Breed Online - (Kiera Hudson Series) - Tim O’Rourke

Vampire Breed

(Kiera Hudson Series)

Book Four


Tim O’Rourke

Chapter One

There was only silence, darkness, and pain. I eased my eyes open – just a fraction – not too wide. There was a splinter of white light and I shut my eyes against its glare. The pain twisted and burned inside my skull then clawed its way down one of my legs. I wasn’t sure which one – the pain was agonising and it consumed me. The darkness came again and took the pain away.

The grunting noise woke me. The grunts came in deep, booming waves, causing my whole body to rattle. I forced my eyelids open and they felt heavy. Shiny black hair brushed against my cheek and it felt brittle and coarse. There was a smell too – not the sweet scent of flowers but the smell of animals and sweat. I was yanked across a rough stone floor by my ankle and a bolt of pain exploded inside of me. It felt as if my spine were being twisted out of shape. I cried out, my throat dry and sore. There were several more grunts and then the blackness took me again.

My tongue felt swollen and stiff. I ran the tip over my lips and they were cracked and sore. The need for water was overwhelming. I opened my eyes and I could see a small silver dish sitting a few feet away from me on the grey stone floor. Too weak to stand, I slowly inched my way towards it. There was water in that dish. I knew it because I could smell it and nothing had ever smelled so good.

I dug my fingers between the gaps in the floor and dragged myself towards it. My legs felt heavy and unmoveable. I looked back at them and they looked fragile and bare. There was a bandage wrapped around my right calf just below my knee. As I crawled towards the dish, pain seeped from beneath the bandage and scampered through my whole body with every inch I covered.

The dish was only millimetres away now and I plucked at it with the tips of my fingers. I nearly had it – it was within my grasp. The darkness was coming again. I could feel it.

I made a desperate lurch forward with my hand and took hold of my prize. But in my haste, I flipped the dish over. The water poured out and splashed across the stone floor. Tiny little rivulets snaked away from me and I looked at them longingly. The darkness was nearly upon me again.

I feebly prodded at the upturned dish and as I did, a thin stream of water came running towards me across the filthy floor. I pressed my head flat against the ground and licked up the drops that trickled amongst the grooves and cracks. Those drops of water tasted wonderful, but there was something else – something my body craved for.

Then the blackness took me again.

My whole body felt warm. It was soothing. I looked up and a chink of sunlight was pouring through a square hole in the ceiling above me. The hole was covered with wire mesh. I looked down at my leg. The bandage was grey and filthy-looking. The pain that radiated from it had eased; instead of feeling like someone had submerged my leg into a burning furnace, it just throbbed like a steady heartbeat.

The silver dish still sat upturned and to look at it reminded me of my thirst. I hoisted myself up onto my elbows and looked around. I was in a room made of grey stone. It looked like a prison cell without any windows. Set into one of the walls was a small wooden hatch and I wondered where it led to. On the opposite side of the cell, there was a hole in the floor. From the putrid smell wafting from it, I guessed it was the toilet. In the centre of the wall which faced me was a large black, rusty-looking iron door.

Where am I? I wondered. Am I still in the caves beneath the mountains or have they moved me to a new location?

Where was Potter? Where was Luke?

The only thing that I could be certain of was my name – I knew I was Kiera Hudson and I was thirsty.

Chapter Two

There was a noise coming from the other side of the rusty, black door. It sounded like somebody was moving around outside. Whoever it was sounded huge and heavy, their feet thundering into