Vamp Yourself for War Online - Christin Lovell

Chapter 1

“This is a super car – think Batmobile. You don’t have to pound the gas to get somewhere. Ease down gently on the right pedal,” Kellan instructed.

I sat in the driver’s seat of the new Mercedes my dad gifted me at my birthday party yesterday. As he promised my parents, Kellan took me out to a deserted lot for driver’s ed. I’d carried my permit for seven months now and had an appointment to get my license at 7am on Monday. This left me roughly forty-three hours to learn everything.

“You know, I’m glad you’re a vampire,” I babbled aimlessly to Kellan with a smirk on my face.

“Why is that?” he chuckled.

“Quick reflexes and harder to kill. I can’t give you a heart attack if I royally suck at driving, which seems to be the case thus far.”

“Just press the gas pedal,” he stated moving past my unexpected appreciation over his vampiric DNA.

I gently tapped the pedal sending the tiniest bit of gas into the engine yet the car leapt forward with a vengeance. Thinking fast I slammed my foot on the break sending Kellan against the dash and myself into the steering wheel despite my similarly enhanced reflexes.

“Ha… ha… oops,” I smiled sheepishly.

“Ok. Next time don’t hit the break, just ease up on the gas and the car will steady itself,” he advised. Despite the almost-smash of his body into the dash, he remained calm, patient.

“Okay,” I agreed inching my foot down again. The car sped off reaching fifty-five miles-per-hour in two seconds. Heeding his advice, I let up a few centimeters and the car steadied to a safe thirty miles-per-hour.

“Good. That was really good,” he praised. “Now lightly come down on the break.”

I removed my foot, switched from gas to break apparently too fast since the car abruptly jerked to a halt. From the corner of my eye, I saw Kellan tossed forward a few inches though my speed wasn’t outrageous.

“Sorry,” I said. My facial expression showed my embarrassment. I’m stubborn sometimes. I don’t like the learning process – it clearly displays my ignorance on a subject.

“It’s ok, you’ll get it,” he encouraged. “I won’t let you stop until you do.”

“You really are better than my parents when it comes to this stuff,” I commented. “But we’ve been going at this for an hour and I’m bored, not to mention frustrated.”

He opened the door and came around to my side. I put the car in park as he opened my door.

“Umm… What are you doing?” I questioned hesitantly.

“Teaching you how to drive. Get out for a sec.” I sat for a minute before giving in to his request. As soon as I exited he adjusted the seat back and slid into the driver’s spot. “Now sit on my lap.”

“You’re joking, right?” I was dumbfounded.

“Not at all. Sit,” he ordered.

I stood staring at him cautiously. Apparently becoming a vampeen hadn’t erased all fear and rational from me, which is definitely a good thing in my book.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Hey, no trick questions!”

“Come here Lexi.”

“Ok, I’m trusting you,” I said slipping into his lap.

“Now, hands on the wheel,” he instructed. I properly placed my hands on ten and two; he placed his directly below mine. “Put your foot on top of mine. You’re going to feel how I drive, how much pressure I do and don’t apply on the pedals,” he explained.

“Umm. Okay. I trust you,” I reiterated, more for my self-assurance than anything since I was blind and didn’t see how this would work.

“Good. Now put the car in drive.”

I obeyed. I copied his move from the break to the gas never losing his shoe beneath my own. We started out with him in control and I just mimicked his moves as a puppet. I calculated the push he pressed each time to the break and gas pedals; stop and go, right turn, left turn, up and down the aisles of the abandoned parking lot.

After a few minutes he let go of the steering wheel allowing me to control our direction as he determined our speed. We sat silently as I maneuvered through the course. Having stationed my foot atop his for at least five minutes now, having crossed atop his from break to gas so often, I didn’t realize until I stopped at the far end of the lot that I was in control; that I had been driving the last two lanes. I pulled into a spot and locked the car into park.

“I did it!” I