Undeniable Risk - Anna Blakely


Four years ago...

“She’s here.”

Looking away from the file on his desk, Jason Ryker gave his assistant a nod. “Bring her in.”

“This one’s nice.” Betty smiled. “Really nice. And pretty. I think she’s a keeper.”

“This is a job interview, Betty. Not a blind date.”

With a chuckle, the older woman’s kind smile grew even wider. “I know it’s an interview, and I’ve seen her resume. Very impressive. All I’m saying is this new hospital of yours will be serving a select group of patients. Bedside manner is going to be just as important as the pedigree hanging on those shiny new walls.”

Jason supposed the woman had a point. She usually does.

The men and women they’d serve would expect compassion as well as competence. He made a mental note to keep that in mind moving forward.

He’d already given the green light on a handful of applicants, but construction on Homeland’s private medical center—a product of his own creation—would be complete in a few short months. If they wanted to open their doors on time, he needed to push through the rest of the interviews quickly.

Some days he still found himself surprised that the powers that be had backed his idea for the new hospital. Thankfully, they saw the need for it as much as he did.

Being in charge of his own covert black ops unit, Jason had dealt with his fair share of injured operatives. Despite the time and planning that went into every mission he spearheaded, unexpected things happened, and his people sometimes got hurt.

When they did, they needed a place where they could go without fear of the staff and local authorities getting too involved.

Bullet wounds, injuries from explosives, stab wounds...those types of injuries brought on a lot of damn questions. Questions that—due to the classified nature of their jobs—his people were not allowed to answer.

Jason first got the idea for the private hospital after one of the teams under him got caught up in a particularly harry op on U.S. soil. Several of his men were injured, and it was a pain in the ass when the emergency room staff called in local authorities.

Right then, Jason knew what Homeland needed to do.

After jumping through the hoops covered in red tape, his plan was approved, and they now had a secure facility where government officials, area military personnel, and alphabet agency employees could go to be treated by some of the best doctors in the country.

All without having to worry about reporters catching wind of it and making their health concerns the headlines for the six o’clock news.

It wouldn’t be open to the general public. There were plenty of excellent hospitals in Dallas where they could go for medical care.

No, this facility had been built with a heightened level of security to the point the President of the United States could be treated there, and the outside world would never know it.

“Agent Ryker.” Betty tore through his thoughts. “This is Dr. Sophia Ruiz. Dr. Ruiz, this is Agent Jason Ryker, the man responsible for building the hospital where you’ll be working.”

“Betty.” He said her name as a warning.

He stood and walked around his desk, his narrowed gaze zeroing in on the meddling woman. Betty was looking back at him with a knowing smirk, making him want to growl at her slip of the tongue that wasn’t a slip at all.

I swear, if the woman wasn’t such an invaluable asset...

“Thank you, Betty.” He gave her a tight smile. “Please close the door behind you.”

Waiting for the daring woman to leave, Jason’s focus shifted to the applicant waiting to be interviewed. The air in his lugs froze, and it was only by the grace of God and a shit ton of training that he was able to school his expression and not give away his unexpected reaction.

Betty was wrong when she’d called this woman pretty. She was far, far more than that.

She’s stunning.

As he continued walking toward her, Jason quickly assessed her appearance without making it obvious. The last thing he needed was a sexual harassment lawsuit hanging over his damn head.

Standing well below his six-two frame, she had a body made for sin with curves in all the right places. His dick twitched behind his pants, and he was thankful as fuck for the jacket covering his swelling zipper.

Even through the ultra-professional blouse and suit jacket, Jason could make out the swells of two perfectly proportioned breasts. From beneath her skirt’s acceptable hemline, he noticed her legs were tan and toned. A runner,