The Sweetest Connection (Airport Novellas #3) - Denise Williams


“This entertaining read will have you sweating through your next workout.”

—Good Morning America

“Warm, fuzzy, and ridiculously cute, The Fastest Way to Fall is the perfect feel-good read. Britta is an absolute breath of fresh air, and Wes is everything I love in a romantic lead. It’s been weeks since I read this book, and I still smile every time I think about it. If you’re looking for a novel that feels like a hug, this is it!”

—Emily Henry, #1 New York Times bestselling author of People We Meet on Vacation

“Funny, flirtatious, and full of heart, The Fastest Way to Fall is an absolute winner! I loved tagging along with upbeat and utterly relatable Britta as she tries new things, gets strong, and meets her perfect match in Wes. I fell head over heels and never wanted it to end.”

—Libby Hubscher, author of Meet Me in Paradise

“An addictive romance filled with hilarious banter, sharp and engaging dialogue, heartfelt moments, and a real and empowering heroine worth cheering for. The love between Britta and Wes blooms gradually and realistically and is sure to utterly capture your heart.”

—Jane Igharo, author of The Sweetest Remedy

“This charming, sexy novel pairs two people who likely would never have connected outside of an app. . . . Their slow-burn romance feels delightfully old-fashioned.”

—Washington Independent Review of Books

“Williams follows How to Fail at Flirting (2020) with another delightfully engaging romance full of humor and surprises. Fans of Jennifer Weiner may like this one.”


“A body-positive, feel-good romance with highly relatable protagonists.”

—Library Journal (starred review)

“There’s a lot to like in this romance, with its supportive leading man, delightful heroine, and dynamic secondary cast. There’s more than just romance going on, and Williams excels at juggling all the parts. . . . An emotionally resonant and thoughtful novel.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The Fastest Way to Fall is not a story about weight loss but about learning to love who you are and about falling in love with someone who helps you feel strong. Britta’s triumph over her former insecurities concerning her body, her goals, and her job are transcendent moments thanks to Williams’s sensitive and masterful storytelling.”



“In this steamy romance, Naya Turner is an overachieving math professor blowing off work stress with a night on the town, which leads to a night with a dapper stranger. And then another, and another. She’s smitten by the time she realizes there’s a professional complication, and the relationship could put her job at risk. Williams blends rom-com fun with more weighty topics in her winsome debut.”

—The Washington Post

“Denise Williams’s How to Fail at Flirting is absolutely SPECTACULAR! Ripe with serious, real-life drama, teeming with playful banter, rich with toe-curling passion, full of heart-melting romance. . . . Her debut grabbed me on page one and held me enthralled until the end, when I promptly started rereading to enjoy the deliciousness again.”

—Priscilla Oliveras, USA Today bestselling author of Anchored Hearts

“How to Fail at Flirting is a charming and compelling debut from Denise Williams that’s as moving as it is romantic. Williams brings the banter, heat, and swoons, while also giving us a character who learns that standing up for herself is as important—and terrifying—as allowing herself to fall in love. Put ‘Read How to Fail at Flirting’ at the top of your to-do list!”

—Jen DeLuca, USA Today bestselling author of Well Matched

“Naya and Jake’s relationship is both sexy and sweet as these two people, who love their work but are not skilled at socializing or romance, find their way forward. Academia is vividly portrayed, and readers will await the next book from Williams, a talented debut author and a PhD herself.”


“How to Fail at Flirting is a powerhouse romance. Not only is it funny and charming and steamy, but it possesses an emotional depth that touched my heart. Naya is a beautiful and relatable main character who is hardworking, loyal, spirited, and determined to move on from an abusive relationship. It was thrilling to see her find her power in her personal life, her career, and through her romance with Jake. And I cheered when she claimed the happily ever after she so deserved.”

—Sarah Echavarre Smith, author of On Location

“Williams’s debut weaves a charming, romantic love story about a heroine rediscovering her voice and standing up for her passions.”

—Andie J. Christopher, USA Today bestselling author of Hot Under His Collar

“How to Fail at Flirting delivers on every level. It’s funny, sexy, heartwarming, and emotional. With its engaging,