Secret Plunge (Kings of the Water #1) - Jasmin Miller



“To bad decisions and amazing sex.”

I laugh at Tara’s declaration and clink my glass against her outstretched one. “Hey, I never agreed to having sex.”

Thank goodness the bar is pretty packed and loud, swallowing up our conversation. One can hope at least.

My best friend grimaces, and I shake my head at her. Her reaction could be in response to my statement or because of the tequila she just downed. Who knows?

After slamming the shot glass on the sticky bar table, she points her finger at me. “Harps, I want you to have some fun. You had the absolute shittiest year, and your divorce was finalized last month. At last. And . . . right on time to start fresh in the new year. You deserve to let off some steam, probably more than most people here.”

I highly doubt her last statement, but I don’t care enough to argue. If the shouting, laughing, and general chatting around us is any indication, most people seem to have a great time. Some have gone to the next level, trying to suck off someone else’s face, or actually . . . I think some of that would be considered dry-humping.

Each to their own, I suppose.

New Year’s Eve celebrations come with different rules for a lot of people.

I had been perfectly fine with the idea of spending tonight with my mom’s cat, Bacon, some takeout, and then possibly going to bed before midnight.

Tara begged me to go out with her instead, and as usual, she was impossible to say no to. The fact she’s moving to England next week was another reason. Who knows when we’ll have the chance to celebrate New Year’s again together, and I definitely want to spend as much time with her as possible before she leaves. She milked that cow for all it was worth, which I can’t blame her for. I’d have done the same. So I dusted off my little black dress and did my hair and makeup for the first time in forever.

However, I can’t complain. The dress makes my boobs and legs look great, so there’s that.

Maybe I should ring in the new year with a bang. After all the blunders last year, why shouldn’t I start with something good? Or rather someone good. The Magic Mike guys have been working hard for the past few months.

Tara hisses as she looks over my shoulder, a soft whistle floating between her red-painted lips. “I think my bad decision just walked in the door.”

Curiosity tickles my nerve endings. Tara’s still staring, half hidden behind me, so I slowly turn around. I don’t want to be too obvious.

I know immediately who she’s talking about. Two guys are making their way in the direction of the bar, and my lips part on instinct because, holy hotness.


They both seem well over six feet, and from what I’m able to tell in the dim light, ridiculously handsome. Dark hair, sharp jawlines, broad shoulders narrowing down to trim waists, and flawlessly dressed in suits.

I uncross and cross my legs, eliciting a tingle that starts at my toes and runs all the way through my body. It’s like the rest of the crowd stopped existing and only these two men prevail.

“Right?” Tara leans in and whispers, “There are hot guys, and then there are hot guys.”

For once, I agree. It’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to guys. Of course, I still noticed handsome guys while I was married, but I haven’t openly stared at anyone since I met Ben in high school.

“Oh crap, they’re coming to our side.” Tara spins around so quickly, she almost knocks me off my barstool.

I chuckle at her behavior. “What happened to bad decisions and amazing sex?”

She grimaces and shakes her head at me the second the two guys have passed us, making their way to the bar.

“I’m going to kill you if they heard that.” She brushes her fingers over her forehead and fluffs her hair. “How do I look?”

Tara is absolutely stunning with her wild brown curls and tan skin. “Gorgeous as always.”

She cocks her head to the side and draws her eyebrows together. “This isn’t a bad bad decision, right?”

“You know I’ve never had a one-night stand, so I have no clue how these things work.” My gaze flickers over her shoulder this time, zoning in on the guys. “But right now, I’d go with no, you can’t go wrong with these two.”

Tara hums her approval, staying quiet after that.

One of the guys is