Sebastian (The Beck Brothers #2) Online - Andria Large

Chapter 1

How the hell Sebastian got roped into this he will never know. One kid was kicking and screaming because he didn't want to go to bed while the other wailed because his brother woke him up with his screaming. Fucking Henry and Claire. He was never letting them go out on a date again. Sebastian bounced the two month old Henry in his arms while he waited for Ethan to stop having his fit. What the hell had made him volunteer to babysit? It was Claire and her pleading blue eyes. She had said that she and Henry needed a date night and that he was the only one she trusted with the baby. Sebastian, being his arrogant self, thought that he could handle two kids at once. What an asshole!

A screaming four year old Sebastian could handle, but the baby broke his heart. His arms were flailing, his face was bright red and his little bottom lip was sticking out. Ethan was on the floor in the living room, kicking and pounding his fists on the floor. Sebastian had had about enough of the four year old. He put Henry in his swing and turned it on with the music. Then Sebastian went over and picked Ethan up by his arms. Ethan immediately went limp. Sebastian gritted his teeth. He hated when the kid did this.

" You can go have your fit in your room, mister," Sebastian snapped, tossing Ethan over his shoulder.

Sebastian stomped up the stairs with Ethan beating his little fists on his back. Did he do this for his parents? Sebastian was going to have to find out. Once in Ethan's room, he dumped the kid on his bed, turned the nightlight on then left and shut the door firmly behind him. Sebastian sighed heavily and headed back downstairs to deal with the still wailing Henry.

Sebastian had thought that he wanted kids. He snorted to himself. Not after tonight. Fuck this shit. Babies were cute and all but he was going to be happy to give these two back. Not that little Henry was a problem, he didn't really know any better. He was just doing what babies do. But Ethan and the fits he's been having all night were irritating as fuck. No wonder Henry and Claire needed a break.

Back in the living room, Sebastian turned on the video monitor and set it for Ethan's room. Ethan was curled up under his covers, fast asleep. The kid had obviously been tired. At least one was out. Henry was still whining a bit in his swing. At least he wasn't full out crying anymore. His little lip was still sticking out though. Sebastian glanced at the clock. The kid was probably hungry, again. Sebastian left him in his swing and headed into the kitchen.

Sebastian prepared a bottle of breast milk Claire had pumped ahead of time and went back into the living room where Henry was gearing up for another bout of screaming. His face grew red and his itty bitty fists started pumping. Sebastian went over and scooped him up then went over to the glider and settled into it. As soon as the bottle was in Henry's mouth, he started sucking away. His little hand wrapped around Sebastian's thumb, his bright blue eyes staring up at him.

How he had become so comfortable handling a baby was a mystery. He'd never even held a baby until Henry was born. It just seemed like second nature to him. Claire had called him a natural. And every time they were together, she somehow commented on how great of a father he would make. Well, he was content with just being an uncle, fuck you very much. Especially after tonight. This was the first time he actually babysat all by himself. He was proud of himself. He thought he was doing a damn good job so far.

Sebastian burped Henry when he was finished. The kid practically passed out when he was done so Sebastian brought him upstairs and put him in his bassinet in Henry and Claire's room. When he got back downstairs, he flopped onto the couch and turned on the TV. Sebastian rubbed his suddenly tired eyes and tried to focus on Sons of Guns, his favorite show.

Sebastian jolted awake, not even realizing he fell asleep. His heart pounded as he looked around the living room. Something had woken him, he wasn't sure what. He checked the monitor. Both kids were still sleeping. He checked the