Rowena's Revenge Online - Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

All characters are fictional.

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A Few Notes from the Author

Even though this book is part of a series, I see Rowena’s story as a standalone. If you have not read the other four books preceding this, I as the author, see that you may still enjoy this one. The first four books are FREE as of now on B&N, iTunes and Smashwords.

Secondly there are some names and things that I will clear up for you.

Rowena (Row-EE-na)

Cearbhall (KAHR-eh-vahl)

Siofra (Sof-RA)

Ghouls- once a human who wanted to become a vampire, but lacked the specific gene to complete the transformation. Now they are stuck between life and death in a Zombie-like state. They slowly rot away and are minions to the Vampire whom created them. They have razor sharp teeth and their saliva is deadly to Weres.

Fae- referring to magical creatures such as what we would call fairies. The Fae realm encompasses many different magical beings, but when I use the term Fae, I am referring to the uppermost portion of the magic world. Creatures of Fae are unbelievably beautiful and powerful and can wield any number of powers, including: emotion control, mind reading, physical magic and nature magic.

This next portion is for those who haven’t read the first four books in the series. It is a sort of introductory blurb and I am writing it in the style of a 20/20 News Special. I hope you enjoy it.

“Hello and thank you for joining me for this special news cast on this 24th day of December, my name is John Kinglander.

Tonight we discuss the ever changing world of supernaturals in today’s society, and mainly the small, quiet town of Broadus, Montana; where lately a lot of activity has been centered.

This little town, just off of Route 212, is home of the Big Sky Pack. This Pack is unlike most you and I are used to. They have members of all shifter types; wolves, mountain lions, tigers, bears, and even razorback boars. They’ve come to accept all supernatural types when a special woman stepped into their lives almost five years ago.

Ask any of the locals, as I spent most of last week doing, and they will tell you that their lives changed the day Siofra O’Hana, now Siofra Johnson, stepped into their towns, and they all told me it was for the better. The consensus was that this fiery mother of six has strengthened their Pack more than any of them could fathom possible.

It started when she was kidnapped from a wedding dress shop by a former lover, thought to be dead by her and all those that knew him. She was held in an abandoned barn, beaten and almost raped, but as I got from my interview with her, she never once worried about herself. She only wanted her Pack, her fiancée, and her son to be safe; she could’ve cared less what her ex-boyfriend, his brother and their rag-tag bunch of wolves did to her.

Her husband, Conall, and her mates, Abe and Dyson, gladly stepped in, saying that Siofra is much stronger than she gives herself credit for. I can’t disagree.

After surviving the kidnapping, Siofra was confronted with her relation to creatures of the Fae and her father, Ancient Druid and advisor to the Fae royals, Shamus. Siofra embraced her white wolf and learned that she also carried magical powers; all while being hounded by the evil Prince of Elves, Bronton. The malicious Bronton brought war to Broadus’ backyard and the Pack fought as one.

They drove the prince’s army of Trolls off, but not without great sacrifice. Siofra was driven into a coma, leaving her husband and Pack mates to worry about her for weeks on end. As we can all see, she returned and the Pack moved on, stronger than before.

We all know that life is not without