Quake - Jacob Chance


If you’d asked me when I was in college what I thought I would be doing in ten years’ time, this wouldn’t have been my answer. Life as a private investigator isn’t as exciting as one might think. Sure, there are moments of danger which get my adrenaline pumping and when that happens, no other high can compare. I used to live for that feeling and for a while you could even say I was addicted to it. But the choices we make have consequences and one decision can change everything.

These days I do a lot of watching and even more waiting. I’m the guy people pay to find the truth buried under all the lies. Eventually, I see past the surface of who you’re pretending to be, revealing all that you’ve kept hidden and I know firsthand appearances can be deceiving.

Chapter One


Present Day

Fuck it. I can’t fight the urge any longer.

I type the commands to bring up the main screen, checking to see which room she’s in. I find her in the bedroom she uses, still bundled up in her comforter, just like I’ve imagined. I maximize her room up on the screen.

I watch her as she lowers the comforter down to her waist, before pushing it all the way to the end of the bed with her feet. Her hand slides down into the front of her panties and for a moment I think I must be imagining this.

Oh Jesus.

My heartbeat kicks up a notch and my cock goes rock hard as she tips her head back and parts her lips in pleasure. I can see her fingers slowly circling her clit through her sheer white panties and I pretend it’s my hand making her gasp and twitch. Her eyes are closed in concentration, the fullness of her bottom lip is clenched between her teeth. She’s absolutely focused on the overwhelming ecstasy she’s experiencing.

My cock is so hard it’s straining against my jeans. I undo the button and pull down my zipper, the sound it makes echoes through the silence of my office.

She trails her other hand up her stomach and tweaks her nipple.

Christ, I’m going to come in my pants if I don’t get a move on. I breathe a sigh of relief when my dick is freed from my clothing. Holding it tightly in my fist, my eyes never leaving the blonde siren on my screen, I slowly stroke up and down a few times, I use my thumb, spreading the pre-come around the tip, before gripping it tighter. I move my hand faster and faster as her fingers pick up the pace and her eyes squeeze shut. She spreads her legs wide and digs her heels into the mattress and at the same time air expels from my lungs. The fingers of my free hand grip the desk so hard, my knuckles are white, while I try to fight back my release. Fuck. She’s so hot. All I want to do is bury myself inside her tight, wet pussy and feel her unravel around me.

Her back arches up off the bed and her mouth opens in a soundless cry as she finds her release. Watching her is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I come all over myself when my orgasm hits me quick and hard. I carefully remove my shirt, cleaning up with it, before resting my head back against the chair. While I wait for my breathing to settle down there’s only one thought in my mind—I have to meet Janny Moore.

Chapter Two


Two Days Ago

“Hey man. What’s going on?” Derek my business partner asks as he pokes his head in my office.

“Not much. I’m working on the Moore case; I have a feeling this job is going to be a big waste of time.” I glance at the screen, feeling sorry for the poor schmuck I’m watching.

Our company, K.D. Investigations, was hired by Sharon Moore to check into her husband Bryan, after she noticed him exhibiting some suspicious behavior. She couldn’t give me any concrete examples of what he was doing that she found so worrisome. But, she asked for a full scale investigation and mentioned money not being a concern, which is good because our services don’t come cheap.

“Who spends thousands of dollars to investigate their husband based on a gut feeling?”

“Who knows? Women are crazy, dude. Who knows why they do anything? I’m leaving now to go do an estimate. I’ll talk to you later.” He pushes off the doorjamb and