Oven Baked Secrets - Tyora Moody Page 0,1

on the form. What is this? A criminal background screening?

A nurse came up behind the desk and grabbed the clipboard out of my hand.

Thank goodness. The cavalry had arrived. Patricia Brown known as Pat to me was a member of my church, Missionary Baptist. I knew her mother and aunt very well and had watched Pat grow up alongside my sons.

She was eyeing the young woman. “Girl, you need to stop with this nonsense.”

Lexi glared at Pat. “This is against protocol. Mrs. Saunders will not be pleased.”

“I know Ms. Eugeena. Everyone around here knows her.” Pat shook her head and adjusted her shoulder-length curly wig. I could count on Pat to wear a different wig each week. “Hey, Ms. Eugeena. It’s so good to see you. Really, you don’t have to fill all that out.”

“Thank you, Pat. I do appreciate you. It’s nice to have some folks used to seeing my face around here.” I gave Lexi the side-eye look. “Besides, I know I have to be in the computer already.”

Lexi looked at both Pat and me like we should be sent to detention. Lucky for us the phone rang diverting her attention from us.

Pat walked around the desk and grabbed my arm. She grinned wide, showing off the gap between her front teeth. “The new girl is a bit much. She’s been aggravating people all week.”

“I see. I can understand wanting to do well on your new job.”

“I guess you’re right. Anyway it is so good that Miss Louise has such a wonderful friend like you, Ms. Eugeena. You and her son are the only ones who come to visit her. Of course, William hasn’t been by to see his mother in about a month.”

I knew it! That boy just tucked his mama in a nursing home so he didn’t have to be bothered with her. “Have you called him?”

Pat frowned as we walked down the hallway. “I’ve tried to call him a few times. Especially the past two weeks since Mrs. Hopkins has been having trouble sleeping. She says she’s having bad dreams, and she gets real agitated.”

I wasn’t surprised. I had decided either Louise was the nosiest woman I’d ever met or in a past life my sister friend had learned some super spy skills. She always knew what was going on in Sugar Creek before most people realized it. I later learned that Louise suffered from insomnia. The woman never slept.

Pat continued her report. “Yeah, she was so frustrated. Poor thing. We have her on some medicine to help her rest, so she may be a little woozy.” Pat stopped walking, looked around and lowered her voice. “If you see Miss Louise’s son, please tell him it’s really important he comes to see me?”

I frowned. I don’t think I’ve seen Pat quite so serious. “Is something going on?”

Pat glanced around again. “You will see what I’m talking about. Be sure William talks to me.”

“I sure will.” As I watched Pat go into another patient’s room, I tried to think positive thoughts because Louise would ask what I was frowning about and I certainly didn’t want to say, “Your son.” I wasn’t sure when I would see William.

I just found out last week he decided to put Louise’s house on the market. I only knew that because I went out to the mailbox and noticed a for sale sign in the front yard. Really!

Louise was simply not replaceable as a neighbor.

As I continued to Louise’s room I passed by a sitting area, I noticed an old black and white movie was playing on the television. The residents sitting around the television didn’t appear to be moved by the action on the small screen. I hurried down the hallway. Getting old was depressing me more than I wanted to admit.

I paused for a minute before entering Louise’s room. Last week I had noticed Louise’s pretty blue eyes had a dullness that was disheartening.

I took a deep breath and smiled as I entered the room. Louise’s room was the brightest room on the hall, painted in a banana yellow, to resemble her home. Her son did have sense enough to use his mother’s money wisely and pay for a private room.

The afternoon sun shone through the window casting a glare across the television screen so I couldn’t tell what Louise was watching. As I turned towards Louise, I stopped in my tracks and frowned. A young woman was standing on one side of Louise’s bed peering intently down at