Out of the Blue (The Sunset Series) Online - Opal Mellon


Molly couldn’t stop looking at the guy a few seats down.

It was a typical first day of the new semester at her university. The girls still wore makeup and the boys still acted interested in lecture. Molly ignored them all and preferred to read Japanese manga on her laptop in the back row.

Molly’s rabid consumption of manga had somewhat altered her views of ideal masculinity to slender, girlish men with sparkly eyes and soft hair. She knew they didn’t exist in real life, but even as fantasy they were better than the men around her. So the guy she stared at presented a unique conundrum by being beautiful like her books, but flesh and blood rather than pixels.

His skin was tanned a light golden color, and he had blond, thick, soft looking hair. It fell around his face and ears and a little bit fell to his collar. His eyes were shadowed by long lashes and she couldn’t make out their color. His nose was long, and straight, with the tiniest discernible lift at the end. Probably a nose that would be too delicate for other women’s taste. One could hope. The only way she’d have access to a guy like that would be if he had no other options, probably.

His mouth was carved along the edges and soft in the middle, lips that were a deeper pink than most girls. His hands were tented in front of him, graceful straight fingers just meeting at the tips. She could just imagine how those hands would feel, gently tilting her chin up, bringing his mouth down to hers. She sighed and made a huge effort to turn back to her computer before he saw her staring. She was in a particularly exciting part, where the hero was about to rescue the heroine, but had yet to show up.

“Wow, she’s in trouble, huh?”

Complete panic ran up Molly’s spine in an unpleasant, searing line and she slowly turned, like the lead in a horror movie that had just realized the killer was standing right behind her. A murderer, someone reading over your shoulder on your laptop — same thing as far as Molly was concerned.

The face she looked into was too beautiful to do murder, however. The guy from a few seats down, now no seats down. She felt a blush coming on and tried to will it away.

“I’m sorry.” He leaned back and held up his hands in a placating gesture. “I needed to borrow a pencil. You didn’t respond when I asked. I had to see what you were so involved in.”

She glared at him, too choked to do more than that.

“I know, it’s stupid. Who forgets a pencil on the first day of class?” he asked. “But I’m more of a pen guy anyway. Not that I have a pen today; I just hate erasing things.”

So much for being a manga hero. She held a finger up to shush him, reached in her bag, and brought out a mechanical pencil.

“Thanks.” He turned and put the pencil to paper. “This is a boring class huh? I hate pre-recs. What’s your major?”


“What type?” He tapped the eraser lightly on his notes.


“Really? Me too.” He leaned back in his chair, slumping a little and yawning. “I guess that means we’ll have a lot of classes together.”

Oh dear. Molly didn’t know how to feel about that. “Oh.”

“I guess we should be friends then.” He held out a hand. “My name’s Justin, what’s yours?”


“Wow,” he said. “Cute name.”

She felt the traitorous blush crawling up her face again.

The bell rang. He stood, having much less to pack up than she did. He reached behind them and pulled out her computer cord.

“I guess I’ll see you around then, Molly.” And he placed it next to her gently, and strode away, revealing a body that was not anywhere as feminine as his face.

“See you.” It was disappointing, but then people were never like books or manga.


Two years later, Molly was still trying to figure Justin out.

“Not another lab. This is killing me.” He yawned and stretched long arms above his head, and Molly tried not to check out his biceps.

She looked at her best friend of two years, her only friend, and once again marveled at his face. It just wasn’t something you got used to, no matter how long you looked. And she’d looked for a good while. She was probably not his best friend. Just his lab partner and the girl he always sat by in class.