Operation Tempt Me Online - Christina James


If he didn’t touch her, Miller would die.

The vision of the woman that haunted his dreams nightly wouldn’t fade away tonight. Instead, she hovered above him, only visible from the waist up. Long, dark hair flowed around her in a wild, sensual halo. Lush, pink lips beckoned for his kisses. The sexy smile she tossed him aroused him more. Her breasts filled the tight blouse, her cleavage spilling over the satin material.

His cock hardened, constrained inside his pants, begging to plunge into that pretty mouth of hers.

Miller fought the urge to burst through the dream and capture the temptress. Did she know she played with fire? Driving him wild with desire was a sure way to get bent over and fucked until she exploded with his name on her tongue. His hands reached for her, but like always, she faded away, disappearing into blackness.


Pain tore through Miller’s chest as he woke and shook the grogginess from his head. Losing her beauty was akin to having his heart ripped from his chest and stomped on. Each time she visited him on this mission, she stayed a little longer than the last. Tonight there was something different about her, her features taking a more definite form, but still he couldn’t see her face clear enough to determine if he could recognize her.

Sitting up on his cot, he rubbed sleep from his eyes and slowly opened them. Darkness surrounded him in the tent he shared with four fellow Navy SEALs. Their mission in the middle of a fucking Middle Eastern desert had deprived him of comfort for too long. A decent night’s sleep in a real bed instead of on the rickety cot would do wonders for him.

He stood, attempting to be as quiet as possible so he wouldn’t have to take any shit from the others for waking them. With a big gulp of the bottled water he kept on the side of his sleeping area, Miller quenched his dry throat, but his head still spun. Images of the sexy woman floated in and out of his vision until he shook his head to lose them. He couldn’t risk seeing anything but the real thing, not when his enemies surrounded the area, probably watching him even now in the dark of night.

Miller cupped his hand, poured water in it to splash onto his face before setting the bottle back down. Who was this woman who shared his nights but never his bed? Oh, he knew for a fact that he had never bedded the beauty. Hell, he’d remember that mouth, those lips, her touch. Never had a woman kept his attention long enough to dream of her. So where the hell did she come from? Talk about aggravating the shit out of a man, edging him closer to insanity.

Miller needed to take a piss. Grabbing his rifle, he stalked to the entrance of the tent without a sound. A brief perimeter scan showed no obvious enemies, but they lurked somewhere in the shadows and the surrounding volatile land. He stepped out from the place he’d called home for the past five weeks and whistled.

Cade Granville stepped from the darkness into the slit of moonlight, suited in full body armor and helmet, his rifle held firmly, and greeted him with a smirk. “Daly, you looking to relieve me?”

“Fuck no. Dream on,” Miller said, walking toward the giant cactus that had been elected as their outhouse.

“Asshole. I hate doing surveillance rounds. Bored stiff.”

“Better than getting a bullet in your ass, Granville,” he said, stopping behind the prickly desert bush, his dream induced hard-on making completion almost impossible, his thoughts still consumed with the mystery woman from his dreams. What he wouldn’t give right now for the privacy to stroke his cock to thoughts of her and relieve the pressure within his balls.

Goddamn fucking mission! Man can’t even jerk off in peace. Irritated with himself for being so obsessed with his mystery dream woman, Miller zipped his pants.

Maybe it was the extreme boredom of this mission that his mind kept wandering to the gorgeous woman. Normally, his team was entrenched in fighting and pursuit of the enemy but not this time. All they could do for this stint was sit back and observe…and wait. Wait to be attacked or wait to find their man. Too much quiet time meant too much thinking for Miller. Damn, if he could get some decent sleep then he wouldn’t mind so much.

Striding back toward Cade, he grumbled, “Gonna take in