Only for You (Boys of the South) Online - Marquita Valentine

Chapter One

Six Months Earlier


The worst part about lying—knowing you can never take the words back, no matter how many times you apologize. In the grand scheme of things, you’re a lying son of a bitch, and you’ll always be one.

Or maybe I’m projecting.

I run a hand over Rae’s head, her pink-tipped hair silky soft. I groan. Her lips are on my skin, teasing. “Please?” she asks, the tip of her tongue edging closer to my cock.


“But you said yes before.”

I give her a cocky grin. “I wanted to get in your pants.”

“Did you?” She licks me and I shudder, trying like hell to speak clearly. “Yep.” Matter-of-factly. “N-no Co-country.” Another lick straight down the hard length of me. Witch. “Mus—” She takes the head into her hot mouth, and then rakes her teeth down the length of me. “Hell yes.”

My body shakes as my hips shoot up and off the bed. Rae’s killing me with her mouth and devastating me with her tongue. She’s using that talent of hers against me, trying to get me to see things her way. I can barely smile, because I’m too turned on at the thought.

But on the inside, I’m grinning like a smug bastard.

The head of my dick hits the back of her throat and I lose it, my fingers tightening in her hair as I pull her away, her hand replacing that sweet mouth of hers. I sort of growl and groan her name as I come. A minute later, I’m boneless and she’s crawling up me, pressing kisses along the way, a Cheshire smile on her face.

“You think you won, huh?” I haul her up to me and wrap my arms around her slender body. Her perfect tits press against my chest, hard little nipples reminding me that she needs satisfying too.

She kisses me softly on the mouth. “You said yes.”

“To what you were doing, not what you wanted,” I point out.

Confidence, sexy as hell, gleams in her eyes as she wraps her small hand around my dick. “I wanted both—this in my mouth and a yes from yours.”

These are the times I can do no more than stare at her, because my thoughts have all piled up in my head, like a traffic jam on I-85. Only thing I can make out is a flashing sign that says, “Hot Woman ahead. Will turn your brain to mush for the next million miles.”

“So, this weekend, I get to sing whatever I want?”

For her, I’d do anything. I’d let her play country music in my bar, I’d not get too jealous over the fact that she used to date the son of my sperm donor… Hell, I’m willing to overlook the fact that the two of us really shouldn’t be together.

In any other world, in any other circumstance, a girl like Violet Rae Givens, aka country music princess Violet Givens, would have never looked twice at Cole Morgan. Well, maybe she would have looked twice, but nothing would have come of it.

We sure as hell wouldn’t be in my bed, again, after being apart for mere hours. After I’d opened my mouth and let enormous insecurities take over, let her dad sway my opinion… let him convince me that I owed it to Rae to leave her.

Only Rae hadn’t allowed me to think that, not for long anyhow. She had walked up to me, bold as hell, and basically called my bluff.

“Have it your way, darlin’,” I murmur. “Now it’s time for me to return the favor.”

She gasps and moans my name as I spread her thigh, entering her with a swift thrust. I’m losing myself inside of her.

Her fingers lace with mine and squeeze. Sex turns to making love, to sweet words and promises of forever.

Always, she pulls me back where I belong.


My leg won’t stop shaking.

It’s Saturday night, the night that Rae will be singing for all of Forrestville (and then some) to help me save The Double Deuce.

The bar is all I have to support my brother, our baby sister, and myself.

Honestly, I’m not nervous about the bar or Rae singing. I’m nervous about the press that’s shown up tonight, and the very real possibility that my dad and his son might show up, despite Rae’s second phone call to them.

“Normally, I wouldn’t recommend drinking in this situation, but tonight…” Beau Montgomery lets his words trail away and hands me a drink, then runs a hand through his blond hair.

I take the drink, muttering thanks, and gulp it down. The