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like a best male bud and brother all rolled into one. She could talk to him about almost anything, and usually did.

Angie arched a neatly plucked brow, eyeing her co-worker suspiciously. “You haven’t by any chance been comparing notes with Trey have you?”

Cindy laughed. “No, but the guy’s obviously smart and incredibly hot.”


“Oh, come on. You practically grew up in the guy’s house. Have probably seen him walking around in nothing more than his underwear. How can you still be so oblivious to the man? He sends all of us into drool mode every time he stops by to take you out to lunch or to make travel arrangements for his company.”

The ‘us’ her friend was referring to included every female employee at Sunset Travel, married ones not excluded. Everyone but her and Kathy, of course.

Angie shook her head. “I’ve never seen Trey in his...”

Cindy crossed her arms and arched an incredulous brow.

“Okay, so I might have seen him in his underwear once,” she admitted.

“Thought so.”

“Don’t read too much into it. We were just kids. Trey and a couple of his high school buddies got a little drunk one night and went for a swim in their skivvies.”

“Ooh, do tell.”

“There’s not much to tell. It was too dark to see much of anything and I really didn’t look.” At least for very long.

“Well, I have to say I’m surprised. I’ve always thought you two had some sort of history together.”

She didn’t have to say the words ‘sexual relationship’ for Angie to know that was what her friend was implying. She laughed. “Trey and me?”

Her friend nodded. “He is who we were talking about.”

“That’s crazy. He’s like a brother to me.”

“There’s no blood relation there. And, according to you, he’s single again.”

As if that mattered. Trey was too busy expanding his medical imaging company to get serious with any woman for very long. Not that his unwillingness to settle down in a committed relationship stopped women from lining up at his door. They all thought they would be the one to change his way of thinking.

“Trey is not an option.”

“Why not?” she reached out to pluck a peppermint candy from the crystal dish that sat next to Angie’s business card holder.

“Because he’s my best friend. That would be breaking a huge rule.” And there was no way she would ever risk losing what she and Trey had by dating him.

“Rules are made to be broken,” Cindy said with a shrug as she untwisted the wrapper and popped the candy into her mouth.

“Not that one.”

“I think you’re missing an opportunity where that man’s concerned.”

“It’s not going to happen,” she told her. “So can we please change the subject?”

“Fine,” Cindy said, sounding frustrated. “No more about Trey.”

“Thank you.”

“You know, Angie,” she said with a worried frown, “I think what you really need is to get away.”

“Get away?”

“You’ve been putting in a ton of overtime lately, which means constantly crossing paths with Rick. I think a vacation away from here and that obnoxious ass would do you good.”

“It’s not like I’m devastated over the breakup,” she said. And she wasn’t. Not really. It was knowing that she had failed in yet another relationship that had her wondering what was wrong with her. Was she destined to spend her life emotionally uncommitted? Physically incapable of any real desire?

“If you ask me,” Cindy said, drawing Angie from her troubled thoughts, “I think Kathy should fire his ass.”

Kathy had recently been promoted to office manager at Sunset Travel and was away attending corporate meetings in Chicago. “I think she’d need a little more justification than Rick’s being a jerk to fire him, his being the boss’s nephew and all.”

“I suppose so,” Cindy said with a sigh.

Angie rolled away from her desk and stood. “I hate to rush off, but I have a date with a pair of stirrups.”

“Ooh! Sounds fun.”

“Loads.” If one liked being perched in the wishbone position and probed while discussing current events. She grabbed for her purse and slung the leather strap over her shoulder.

Cindy followed her from the cubicle. “Well, it’s one sure way to get a man to check out the merchandise.”

Angie rolled her eyes and walked away shaking her head. Fortunately, she hadn’t sunk to that level of desperation yet.

‘Yet’ being the key word.

* * *

“I’m soooo unsexy.” Angelina Rossi’s voice echoed off the walls of Multi-Med’s boardroom, bringing all ongoing conversation to a sudden halt.

That was the last thing Trey Landers expected to hear when he’d hit the conference call