Only In Vegas Online - Lindsey Brookes


Her life sucked.

Well, maybe not her entire life. Just her love life. At this rate, she was never going to experience that mind blowing, life-altering orgasm her friends all ranted about.

“Why so glum?” a familiar voice called out. “Don’t tell me another one bit the dust?”

Angelina Rossi closed the drawer she had just dumped the framed picture of her ex into and looked up from her desk. Cindy, her friend and co-worker at Sunset Travel, stood at the opening of the travel brochure plastered cubicle, shaking her head.

“Nope. Rick was the last.”

Cindy flashed her usual empathetic smile, followed by the slow shake of her head.

“Don’t say it,” she warned, cutting her friend off before she began. She knew exactly where this was heading. Been there, had that conversation about a zillion times. Or at least it was beginning to feel that way.

Cindy gave a tsk-tsk as she settled into the chair across from her. “I don’t think I have to. I’m sure that you are well aware that you’re running out of men in Pittsburgh to date.”

“I haven’t dated that many men.”

“Maybe not, but you have to admit you’ve gone through the relationships you have had at warp speed.”

“Maybe so, but why waste time in a relationship that’s never going to work?”

“How do you know for sure if you never give it a chance?”

She just knew.

“We never really had a chance to discuss what happened with Rick,” Cindy added, not waiting for a reply to her previous question. “Not that he’s any real loss.”

Rick was the nephew of Sunset Travel’s owner and worked in group tours. He had been persistent enough in his pursuit of her that Angie had given in, breaking one of her own rules - never date a co-worker. Nothing good can ever come from it. Her failed relationship with Rick living proof of that.

“We called it quits,” Angie replied matter-of-factly.


She gave in with a long sigh. “Okay, fine. He called it quits.”

“Let me take a wild guess,” her friend began as she reached down to straighten the travel insurance pamphlets on the corner of Angie’s desk. “You wouldn’t sleep with him.”

“I tried.”

Her friend arched a questioning brow. “Dry well syndrome? There are fixes for that, you know.”

“He never made it to the well.” Angie fidgeted with the papers on her desk, her cheeks feeling like they had just popped out of a toaster.


She shook her head. “I guess the ‘Office Ice Princess’ strikes again.” That was her current office nickname, started, no doubt, by Rick. Unfortunately, the taunting moniker fit her to a tee. “What’s wrong with me?” she groaned. “It’s like I’m a man anti-magnet when it comes to sex.”

Cindy waved the thought away. “Come on, Angie, look at you. I mean what man wouldn’t go for those dark, exotic eyes? Then there’s your long hair. Guys go nutso over that. And let’s not forget your boobs. The kind girls like me have paid big bucks to have, only you got them for free. Okay, now I want to smack you.”

Cindy was almost a hundred percent store bought from her 38DD’s to her fake nails, colored contacts, and porcelain veneers. Even her butt had been surgically altered, which made Angie hurt to even think about having all that work done. Her friend was a life-size Barbie. She had no reason to be jealous of any woman, especially her.

“Let’s face it,” Angie replied, “I’m twenty-six-years-old and a total failure in the sex goddess department. I meet a guy. We go out, hit it off. Then comes the big relationship killer for me - sex.”

Cindy’s eyes widened. “You’re a virgin?”

Angie laughed. “No, but I might as well be. It’s been so long since I’ve gone all the way a guy would have to fight his way through cobwebs to get the deed done.”

Her friend studied her for a long moment then said, “Did you ever think that maybe you’re holding out on having sex again because you just haven’t found the right guy yet?”

That’s exactly what Trey kept telling her every time she cried on his shoulder. Maybe not so much the sex part. Their talks usually revolved around her tendency to date the wrong kind of men. Yet, he still hadn’t come up with a good explanation of what exactly the right kind of man was.

Trey Landers was not only her next door neighbor in the apartment complex she had moved into a few years before, but also her best friend Kathy’s older brother. He was