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end of the table. She grinned.

“The plan is for Honey to help out when Dulcie’s on maternity leave.”

Wait…what? Honey was taking over for Dulcie? So he was going to be working with her? With Honey Holbrook? Fuck me.

Matt’s eye connected with Honey’s again with a hard jolt. He saw her throat move as she swallowed, her smile getting tense at the corners of her mouth, her eyes shadowy.

Yeah, no doubt everyone in the room knew her. Everyone in the fucking country…no, make that continent…knew her from her wild escapades. Of course, she’d been out of sight for quite a while now. Honestly, Matt couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen her name come on up Twitter or Facebook or any of the gossip blogs or tabloid magazines. Had she been in hiding, or what?

She looked thin. Her cheeks were hollower than they used to be beneath killer cheekbones. She didn’t have a lot of makeup on, unlike many of the photos he’d seen of her over the years. And for sure she was wearing a helluva lot more clothes than some of the photos he’d seen of her over the years. The black suit might have been respectable and businesslike, but there was no hiding the fact that she had a killer body beneath it—full breasts, slim waist and hips, and legs that went on forfuckingever.

Christ. He couldn’t work with her. For one thing, she was a spoiled little rich girl who had no idea what real work was. For another, they had…history. History that had not ended well. Jesus.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her hands, for some weird reason. Her fingers were long and slender, nails short and unpolished, no rings. She kept playing with the pen, which he couldn’t help but think showed some nerves. Otherwise, she seemed calm, a poised smile firmly in place as she listened to the conversation.

Which he was not doing. Pay attention, dickhead.

Trent was still talking. “So, Matt’s been doing a few things for some kids’ charities since he hasn’t been playing, and we’re just getting going with a partnership between the Foundation and a local school.”

“Yeah.” Matt dragged his gaze away from Honey’s hands. “I like kids. It’s awesome to work with kids who don’t get to play sports much. Also, when I was in the hospital I got talking to some kids there, and it would be great to do some work for the Children’s Hospital.”

“I was thinking about that too,” Honey said. Her voice made his balls tighten. Soft, a little husky, so fucking sexy.

“Honey just started today,” Trent said. “We’ll have to give her some time to get oriented.”

“I’ve been working on getting up to speed on all the various organizations the Foundation partners with,” Honey said. “There are some really great ones.”

Matt caught the eye roll of one of the guys sitting at the table. Yeah, that was pretty much how he was feeling too. How much time was going to be wasted because she had no clue what she was doing?

“Of course, I didn’t realize that Matt was going to be working with one of the groups that we’re looking at partnering, but I’ve shortlisted a few local youth organizations and community groups that I think would be great for us to support.”

The guy leaned over to the woman beside him and whispered something to her. She grimaced and nodded and whispered back to him.

Matt shifted in his chair. Hell, that was fucking rude when Honey was talking, even if he too was doubtful of her contributions there. Her gaze slid to them, then back to the group at large, her voice faltering only a little. “I also have some ideas for some fundraising events. It would be awesome if we could get not just Matt, but some of the other players to attend to raise the profile of the events. I think I have some connections that would be very valuable and help in our fundraising efforts.”

“No doubt,” someone at the table muttered.

Matt watched as hot color flooded Honey’s cheeks. With a jerky movement she tucked that same strand of hair behind her ear again then resumed turning the pen over and over in her fingers. Still she smiled. But yeah, she’d overheard that comment.

“Honey,” the guy who’d been whispering drawled. Who the hell was he? Oh yeah, Aaron Bukowski, Programming Director. “What qualifications do you have for this job?”

The question everyone was thinking, including Matt.

Honey stared back at Aaron and blinked. Then she lifted