Midnight Howl (Midnight Mates Book 1) - Milly Taiden Page 0,1

and Cassie can give him some pointers while she’s there.”

Both Maeve and Rylee snickered.

“Actually,” Cassie laced her fingers together on top of the table. “I was toying with the idea of getting back out there.”

The girls were silent, staring at her with an unnerving amount of shock.

Cassie leaned back in her chair. “What?”

Rylee grabbed her arm. “Wait, for real?”

She frowned. “Yes? Look, I’ve been feeling like ever since I broke up with Brian, I’ve been wanting to get back on the saddle. I miss that companionship.”

“Aww, Cas!”

Rylee wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in for another hug.

Sydney giggled at her and tossed a piece of bread at her. “It’s ‘get back in the saddle,’ Cas.”

Cassie laughed. “Whatever, you know what I mean.”

“We should celebrate this beautiful occasion!”

Maeve held up the almost empty bottle of wine, getting a few looks from a few of the guests at the tables surrounding them. She barely paid them any attention.

Cassie raised a brow.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?”

“No way,” She waved her arm. “We need to go to like … a bar or something and get you out there.”

Sydney huffed and leaned back into her seat. “All the bars around here suck.”

“Whoa.” Maeve nodded over to the front of the restaurant. “Hotties at ten o’clock.”

Cassie craned her neck around and looked over her shoulder. “Isn’t that at twelve?”

“Shh! Don’t be obvious!”

Quickly turning around, Cassie glanced over as the four women coming through the restaurant … led by the hostess from earlier … headed right for the empty table behind them. All of them were drop-dead gorgeous and turning the heads of everyone in the restaurant.

Both Maeve and Sydney turned slightly in their seats to get a better look at the table behind them.

Cassie glanced at Rylee, who mouthed ‘wow’ before giving her a wink.

It made her laugh. “Guys.”

The girls quickly turned back around.

“Have you ever seen supermodels out and about like that?”

Cassie raised a brow. “You think they’re supermodels?”

“Well, they have to be, right?” Maeve glanced around the table. “Looking like that.”

Cassie shrugged, hearing the conversation from the four other girls drift their way.

“So, how’s that club your brother’s running? Is it still going well?”

The girl closest to their table laughed and nodded. “Yeah. He’s doing really well with it. Twitter’s been exploding its popularity. They’re all saying it's Chicago’s hottest spot right now.”

“I heard it’s got a ton of hot bachelors,”

“Ohhh, yeah.”

Sydney quickly leaned into the table. “Guys, we should check out that spot.”

Maeve nudged her. “You think so?”

“Uh, hell, yeah! The clubs around here suck. We need somewhere new that’s actually going to have more guys than just the ones who want to sleep around.”

“True,” Maeve tapped her nails on the table. “You guys wanna ditch and go try to find it?”

Cassie looked down at her empty bread plate. “We haven’t even gotten dinner yet.”

Her friend waved a hand at her. “We’ll eat later! Come on, Cas. Don’t you want to find love on a Thursday night?”

That made her laugh. “Well, I guess I’ll only have to suffer one more workday with a hangover.”

“That’s the spirit!”

Cassie shook her head and got up from the table with her bag. “Let me just run to the bathroom really quick.”

Rylee smacked her ass. “We’ll pay your tab, cutie.”

Cassie laughed again and made her way around the table, noticing that the girl from the other table … the model, as Sydney had so eloquently dubbed her … had gotten up from her table too and was also headed toward the bathroom.

She followed after her, noticing the woman’s perfect gait as she walked and the way her hips moved sinfully under her dress. It made Cassie a little bit envious when she noticed that everyone the woman passed gave her a double-take.

I wish I could do that.

When they reached the back part of the restaurant, Cassie had to jump back when a man stumbled out of his seat to grab at the woman in front of her. Clearly drunk, he started to babble at her and leaned over dangerously close.

“You want a drink, sweetheart?”

He held up a glass that was half-full of some kind of brown liquor.

“Um, excuse me.” The woman put her hand on his chest and pushed back at him.

He stumbled, his drink slipping out of his grip with the motion. The woman reached out quickly to grab it before it hit the floor and shattered. She gasped when the liquor spilled from the glass and splashed all over the front of