Michael & Shyne - R.E. Butler

R.E. Butler - The Wolf's Mate #4 - Michael & Shyne

Michael & Shyne (The Wolf's Mate #4)
R.E. Butler


Chapter 1

“I did it, Trav!” Shyne gushed, opening the door to the Coffee Bean and rushing inside. “Check it!” She slapped the paper on the counter between them and beamed with pride.

“Look at you, baby girl,” he laughed. “Aren’t you just the cat with the cream?”

He pulled the paper from under her fingers that stated she was now a Group Fitness Instructor certified through the ACE.

Her best friend peeked over the certificate with his soft gray eyes and quirked one perfectly plucked brow. “You really want to be an aerobics instructor?”

She grinned. He’d been teasing her mercilessly for the last year while she self-studied for her certification and learned all she could by taking classes at different gyms in the area, including Stone’s Gym. Their current group instructor was moving away, and it had been her good fortune to stumble into their gym when she was drawing close to the end of her studying.

“I’m not wearing leg warmers and headbands, you dork.” Snatching the certificate away from him, she looked it over once more, her excitement rising. There in beautiful script was her name: Shyne Marie Jackson. Fucking-A.

“Sit for a coffee?” Trav gestured to the line of machines as if she could miss their gleaming exteriors.

“Nah. I told the boys at the gym I’d let them know if I passed or not.”

“Ooooh.” He grinned further, showing a dimple. Trav was too adorable for his own good. Carefully spiked light brown hair with blond highlights was standing at perfect attention on top of his head. She knew from waiting for him to go clubbing that he spent a long time in front of a mirror to look so good. Tall and lean, he was the perfect man for her, except he also liked cock. Sometimes it’s the little things…

“You know they're just my friends.” She was talking about Dante, Cairo and Mason, the three owners of Stone’s Gym. They were brothers and fantastic sides of man-beef. When she joined their gym a few months ago, they only had one group instructor who taught four classes a week. Their gym was mostly for meat-heads: those big huge guys who liked the weights and nothing else. She liked a man who could lift her over his head without a thought, but she also liked something between the ears. And a wicked sense of humor helped, too.

“I don't know how you can be 'just friends' with such hot guys.” Trav gave her his best smirk and leaned over the counter to kiss her cheek. “You know, I still think that you need a disclaimer about your appearance for your future students.”

“What do you mean? What’s wrong with the way I look?” She looked down at herself. Feet, legs, ass, tits, arms and head. All where she left them this morning.

“You look like an underwear model.” He smirked further and folded his arms.


“So a lot of that flat belly is from good genes.”

True. She had an excellent metabolism. But she loved exercise, too. “So?”

“So? That’s false advertising!” He barked out a laugh, and she echoed it, finger waving at him as she bumped her ass against the door to open it. It was a great ass. Why not use it?

When she arrived at Stone’s Gym, she found Mason, youngest of the three brothers and also the sweetest, sitting at the front desk. The chair next to him held Kathy, the receptionist. She was one of those bubbly, big-titted girls who thought she could skate by on her looks forever. Maybe she could. If Shyne was her, she’d also try to be smart and nice, but that was just her.

Mason stood up quickly, and the chair clattered behind him. “Well?”

She couldn’t help but grin. “I did it!”

“Fucking right you did!” He bounded around the u-shaped desk and swung her up into his arms. Mason was a computer nerd who happened to also have a passion for weight lifting, and it showed. Like his brothers, he had a body born of hard work and dedication with thick muscles on top of thick muscles. Each brother had beautiful olive-colored skin and jet-black hair. Mason kept his hair long, which allowed his curly locks to dust his shoulders. Dante, the oldest, cut his hair short on top and shaved on the sides. And Cairo, the largest of the three, shaved his head. Dante ran the gym. Mason and Cairo were trainers, and Cairo