Luke's Touch - Lisa Renee Jones


Tall, Dark, and Deadly / Walker Security novel

By Lisa Renee Jones

Welcome readers!

Writing Luke and Ana was emotional for me. The idea of finding the love of your life and then losing them to a tragedy that feels insurmountable is devastating even in premise. For Luke and Ana, there is history there to draw from, a history that bonds those people together, but obviously, some of that history is painful or they would still be together. Is love enough to bond these two forever when pain and heartache refuse to fade? And in the case of Luke and Ana, will they survive the enemy who wants to kill them long enough to find out?

To begin part two of this journey, I aspire to help you re-enter the world with memories of part one fresh and alive. If you remember, Luke and Ana met at a convenience store that had just been robbed. Ana, an FBI agent, thinks Luke is a bad guy and puts him on his knees, holding a gun on him. Her stepfather, who trains assassins for the government, appears on the scene and knows Luke. He tells her he’s a good guy, but no one who is an assassin is a good guy in Ana’s mind. But then Luke asks her out and tells her that he lost a friend that week and the idea of kissing her is the only thing that feels good right now.

He wins her over.

And so, the romance begins.

Flash forward a year, and the two are engaged. Luke plans to retire from his overseas contract work after finishing a couple of high-paying jobs that will buy Ana the ranch she dreams of owning. Before that retirement can happen, trouble explodes.

At Ana’s bidding, Luke allows her brother, Kasey, to join one of his last missions overseas, which equals a big payday for everyone on his team. The job is to safely transport a princess from one country to another. During this trip, Kasey is secretly running a side mission. Luke catches him handing off a package of some sort to someone at one of the small destination airports. Kasey ends up holding a gun to the head of the princess and long story made very short, Luke is forced to kill Kasey to save the princess and himself.

Meanwhile, Trevor, another one of the men on the assignment, disappears and so does the package. Trevor reappears in the US and beats Luke to Ana to tell her about Kasey’s death, which Trevor calls a murder. He claims Luke is the one running dirty side deals and Kasey confronted him. There is yet another confrontation, this time between Trevor, Ana, and Luke, and Luke is shot. Luke believes Ana shot him over her brother’s murder. In truth, she was certain Trevor was going to kill him, but her gun was knocked out of her hand, and she tried to catch it. It went off and shot Luke. After which, Trevor disappeared, and Luke and Ana fell apart. Supposedly, Trevor died in a car accident several months later.

Flash forward two years after Luke and Ana’s breakup, and Luke is working for Walker Security. He still believes Ana shot him. At some point early in their split, he even changed his phone number. She didn’t know how to reach him. Now, in the present day, he’s on a training drill in Texas with Walker Security, when he gets a call from Jake, a man who’d worked closely with Ana’s now-deceased stepfather, and ran a few of his last missions with Luke, including “that” mission. Jake is living in Estes Park, retired, and near his daughter. But retirement is not on his mind now. He’s being hunted. He tells Luke there’s a hitlist, but before he says more, he’s killed. A man grabs Jake’s phone and challenges Luke. The basic challenge was: I bet I can get to Ana before you do.

Luke charges to Ana’s rescue, finds her, and they have a fiery encounter before they’re attacked. Once they are out of the situation and safe, they begin hunting for answers, but nothing between them is right except the sexual tension, which is off the charts. They clearly still love each other. Throughout book one, you work with Ana and Luke to figure out who is on the hitlist, and why. It all comes back to the package. The two of them are on fire the entire time, wanting each other, but fighting the urge until they can’t fight