Linus & The Angel - R.E. Butler

R.E. Butler - The Wolf's Mate #2 - Linus & The Angel

Linus & The Angel (The Wolf's Mate #2)
R.E. Butler


Chapter 1

Linus was woken from sleep by the buzz of his cell as it danced across the nightstand next to his bed and sounded like an out of control woodpecker. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and picked up the phone, his eyes barely registering the alarm clock that read 2:17. Shit, it was early.

He should have checked the display, because he wouldn’t have answered it if he’d known it was her.

“Linus!” Brenda whined, “Linus I need a ride.”

He sighed and sat up, swinging his feet down to the carpet. “It’s f**king late, Brenda.”

“But there was like a blizzard, Linus, and I don’t want to get trapped at this guy’s house for days.”

His sluggish brain picked up on part of that. “Wait, are you on a date and you’re f**king calling me for a ride? You have got to be kidding me, Brenda. That’s low even for you.”

Her voice tipped whinier, “But you’re my husband.”

“Not any more. We’ve been divorced for three years. This has to stop. Just don’t f**king call me anymore.”

He hung up and sat staring at his cell phone while she proceeded to call him four more times and leave both voice mails, emails, and texts. He finally turned it off. In one of the kitchen drawers, he found the paperwork for his cell plan and called the 24 hour customer service number and had his number disconnected and exchanged for a new one. As he sat at the computer to send a message to the pack about his new number, he also decided it was a must to get a new email address, so he did that first and then sent all the new information out to everyone. Except his ex. He was sure to get a ribbing from the pack, especially Jason the alpha, on what a whipped puppy he’d been the last three years for her. Six months ago he would have gone running to rescue her and then begged her for sex.

But three months ago he watched Jason finally claim his rightful mate in the hybrid wolf Cadence. They’d grown up together and it had been a hot mess for years, but finally she realized what he meant to her, what it meant to all of them, and they’d become true mates, taking her rightful place as his alpha mate. That didn’t technically have anything to do with him, since he was only fourth ranked in the Tressel Pack. But because of some other shit with Cadence, their pack had to handle the next in line alpha of the Garra Pack. The Garra Pack had shared their small town of Allen, Kentucky, and it was their next in line alpha who had to be handled, because he wanted to claim Cadence as his own.

When it came right down to it, Linus had let Brenda walk all over him because he wanted her back. She was completely human and he was completely wolf, but he’d loved her enough to marry her, or at least he thought he loved her. Was it really love if it wasn’t reciprocated? They hadn’t even made it a year. She refused to be around the wolves, accused his friends of trying to sleep with her, and then in the end she’d threatened to leave him if he didn’t turn his back on the pack. She was what the others called a Chew Toy, and he’d broken the cardinal rule of wolves which was you didn’t marry the girls that just wanted to f**k the big bad. He’d helped her pack, given her money for her own place, and hell, he’d sat by the phone waiting for her to call and want to come home. And she did, sometimes. When she needed something or when she had an itch that needed scratching.

But this was it. He was done with Brenda, done with that part of his life, and now, he was tired as hell but restless and couldn’t even think about going back to sleep. Oblivious to it while he’d slept, a storm had blanketed their town with a few feet of snow. He was very glad he’d gone to the grocery yesterday and stacked firewood in the garage.

Most of the wolves his age, which was 27, lived in a trailer park on the north side of Allen. The next generation up, their parents, lived in regular homes scattered around town.