Law & Disorder (Masters of Marquis #3) - Golden Angel


One Month Earlier


Hello again, consequences of my own actions… how I loathe thee.

Slumped in the chair in front of Master Patrick’s desk, arms crossed over her chest, Iris felt as if she was in high school, sitting in the principal’s office all over again. She’d spent an awful lot of time there as a teenager, and she didn’t like it any better now as an adult. Schoolgirl role play would never be her fantasy for that reason alone.

Although it really wasn’t a fair comparison. She had absolutely no attraction to Master Patrick, who was currently standing in as the principal figure, but she absolutely had an unwanted attraction for the man standing next to him. He was scowling as if he was her eleventh-grade history teacher and she’d just thrown a spitball at him. Why she found Master Law so hot when he could be such an uptight prick, she didn’t know, but he made her tingle in all the right places, even when he was lecturing her.

And man, did he lecture her a lot.

Which was also her own fault since she’d been volun-told to be a submissive for the Dominance 101 class. It was supposed to remind her of all the things she’d learned in her Subbie 101 class. The upside was she’d met some new friends. The downside was she’d been reminded on a weekly basis just how attracted she was to Master Law, who only noticed her when she was acting up. That seemed to be her lot in life—men who only cared about her behavior when she wasn’t behaving.

“Iris, I thought we talked about this.” Master Patrick—she made a point of thinking about him with his honorific when she was at Stronghold and not as her big brother’s friend Patrick—ran his hand over his bald head, rubbing the back the way he did when he was extra annoyed but trying to be calm. “You cannot interrupt people’s scenes, even if you don’t like what’s going on in them.”

“I’m sorry,” she muttered. She really was sorry this time. The Dom hadn’t deserved the way she’d yelled at him. Humiliation kink was not her thing, but she shouldn’t have interrupted the scene. She got it, and she really hated having to have it rubbed in her face that she’d done the wrong thing with the best of intentions.


She would never like humiliation kink, but next time, she’d remember to look and make sure the submissive really wasn’t okay with it before she jumped in. Probably.

“If you were anyone else, we’d be having a discussion about kicking you out right now.” Master Patrick’s gaze met hers, and Iris sat up straight in her chair. He wouldn’t… would he? “The fact is, I have been far too lenient with you because you’re Andrew’s little sister.”

“You aren’t going to actually kick me out, are you?” she asked worriedly and saw his gaze soften.

Others might look at the kink club owner and find him intimidating—considering he was well over six feet tall and built like a linebacker, plus the scar that ran down his face thanks to a childhood incident involving his best friend and some swords—but Iris knew he was a teddy bear. It didn’t hurt that his submissive, Lexie, had a soft spot for Iris, but Lexie wasn’t here right now, and she couldn’t help but wonder if that was deliberate.

Behind Patrick’s chair, Master Law shifted his stance slightly, but she didn’t look at him. If she saw hope on his face, it was going to crush her. Not that Iris wanted to be bad or didn’t want to be liked, it was just something that kept happening. And Mr. Burly, Brooding, and Hot really got under her skin.

“I’m not kicking you out,” Patrick said, and Iris sagged back down with relief. Patrick raised his eyebrow at her. “But you’re running close to your last chance, no matter who your brother is.”

Yeah, that was bullshit, and they both knew it. Andrew would throw a fit if she was kicked out and ended up going to some of the other local clubs, where he wouldn’t know whether or not she was safe. For that matter, she was pretty sure Lexie would throw a fit.

That he would say it meant he was down to his last nerve with her, and the last thing she wanted to do was cause an issue between her brother and one of his friends. Andrew already thought she was a fuckup of massive proportions, no matter how hard