Irreplaceable (Harmony) Online - Angela Graham

Chapter One

Sweet Dreams No More

In a haze of raw, undeniable passion, his strong hands gripped the backs of my thighs, torturously working their way to my ass, where his skillful fingers kneaded and teased me into surrendering to his every demand. His breath was thick and minty, with a hint of bourbon, and left me craving more. Goose bumps flared over my blazing skin. The weather outside was a numbing twenty degrees, yet I was heated from the inside out.

A giggle escaped my lips when he lifted me from the ground, my legs finding their way around his waist as his seductive growl kissed my soul. My hands were relentless, snaking under his shirt and over the toned muscles of his back. My eyelids fluttered wildly in a vain attempt to hold his gaze. The harder I fought to watch his every move, the deeper I lost myself in our moment of hunger.

Everything inside me screamed for more and I ached, truly pained with anticipation. Grinding myself against his hard body, I rolled my hips, demanding every part of him. The cool brick wall dug into my back, the thick coat I wore seconds earlier now lying abandoned on the blacktop beside us.

A lurid groan spilled from my swollen lips when his hands dug into my hair, his lips nibbling the corner of mine, the searing passion between us uncontrollable. Forsaking all logical thought, I submitted to his reckless frenzy, my lips quivering as his hand slid down the front of my dress. He tore it open in one swift move, leaving me bare and at his will.

“I need you, Cassandra.”

Oh God, I needed him. I burned for his touch. It was the closest to serenity I’d ever felt, and I never wanted to lose it. His lips ravaged mine, taking my breath and eliciting panting when they began their descent down my jaw. His tongue ignited a trail straight to my breasts, which were on full display for his eyes only. The scruff of his jaw scratched across my skin, further awakening every hidden emotion and greedy desire I possessed.

The world around us ceased to exist. He and I were all that mattered—all I felt, saw, and needed. Lost in the strength of his grip and power of his lust, I remained at his mercy, fisting his short waves of hair as he dropped to his knee.

My head fell back, savoring his tongue working its magic down my stomach. A delicious purr spilled from my open mouth, expressing everything my brain couldn’t process into words. I wanted more. I wanted it all, but in an instant, the rough, needy clutch of his fingers and moistness of his mouth were gone; the indescribable emotions he’d awoken in me were no more.

Dazed, I whipped my head back and forth, desperately searching the darkness that now engulfed me.


Panic set in, filling my veins with fear-induced adrenaline. I reached down for the pieces of my tattered dress, the frosty air now stinging my clammy skin in his absence, only to find they were gone as well. There I stood, naked and vulnerable, alone in the night.

“Logan, please…don’t leave me.”

I stumbled forward, struggling to adjust my sight to see anything other than black. My hands smacked into another wall, and it hit me.

The alley. I was in the alley.

The air was pulled from my lungs, legs quaking as the harsh words he’d spoken replayed through me.

“I want to fuck you. Here and now. I’m tired of waiting.”

“Logan!” My hands shielded my ears, shaking my head to make it go away. Make it stop. He wouldn’t say that. Wouldn’t treat me like another whore.

“Come back! Don’t leave me.” My words dripped into a slurred sob as tears sprung from my eyes, distorting my vision further.

Where was he? Why would he leave me like this? He wouldn’t—not me. He cared about me. He had to be there…somewhere.

“Logan, please!” I cried out, a cracked whimper pouring from my soul as I fell to my knees, helpless, terrified, and completely alone. Something in my heaving chest broke.

My heart. It had to be.

With my hands covering my face, palms pooling with salty tears, my ears rang with a buzzing horn. I looked up, squinting into the distance.

There was a light ahead. Someone was coming back for me.


It had to be Logan. None of it was real. He would never say those things. Never toss me aside.

The light drew closer, a blinding ray suddenly racing toward me.

I lifted my trembling hands