Infection Alaskan Undead Apocalypse Online - Sean Schubert

Part One

Chapter 1

“I love coming up here! Alaska is my favorite place in the whole world.”

Little Martin Houser truly meant what he said when he repeated his revelation, for what seemed to be the one-hundredth time. He loved coming to Alaska with his family. He was the only one in his class who had ever been to such a distinctly different place. At first, he didn’t really know what the big deal was. It was just a place after all. The more that he heard people talk about this place, however, the more he accepted that Alaska held some kind of magic. His family had been coming to Alaska every two or three years since he was born—meaning that he was now in Alaska for his fourth time.

They stayed in a beautiful deluxe cabin. There were three bedrooms, a large great room with an enormous stone-faced fireplace, a beautiful solarium off the main room, and indoor flushing toilets. This was an amenity that his mother had always remarked as the most important feature of the cabin. Personally, Martin didn’t see the big deal. He was able to do all that he needed outside in the woods, and usually did. It had just become a part of the grand experience for him. There was a loft area above the bedrooms, electricity from a very large diesel powered generator housed in a small shack outside, and even a satellite dish for television. It was better than their house.

This was an especially good year for Martin because he had been allowed to invite a friend. The decision was, not surprisingly, made the moment the opportunity was presented to Martin. He knew exactly whom he would like to bring: Danny Mahoney.

It was Danny Mahoney’s first trip to Alaska, but given that he was only ten years old, he was years ahead of most visitors to the state, who often didn’t find time in their lives to visit the state until after retirement. He and Martin were best friends from playing on the same soccer team for the past two years. Martin’s family, all five of them including Martin, were nice and generous and had readily welcomed Danny to travel with them, all except Alec, Martin’s older brother, that is.

Martin’s dad, Mr. Houser, was an ordinary man of ordinary height, ordinary weight, wore ordinary clothes, had an ordinary job, and led an ordinary life. Most people would consider him average, if not a little less than average, in all things in life. He was, however, pleasant and willing to spend time with Martin and Danny and any other kids that might be around; something many adults weren’t willing to do. Danny liked Mr. Houser and trusted him.

Mrs. Houser, Ginny, was anything but ordinary. She was about as tall as her husband but about twice his size. She was loud and easily excited and always laughing with loud, contagious, storm bursts of laughter, full of life and enthusiasm. She always smelled sweet and inviting; a combination of her ample perfume and the treats that were always in her pockets, purse, hands, or mouth. At soccer games, she always brought the best after game snacks and was known for that by all the other kids on the team.

Martin’s brother, Alec, was older by five years, tall, thin, and athletic. He played basketball all the time and teased Martin and Danny for being too short to play basketball, and for having had to settle with playing soccer of all things. In public, Martin and Danny both chafed at the insults and resented Alec, but in private they both secretly admired him and looked up to him. That admiration made it that much harder to accept Alec’s barbed comments. Alec didn’t wear really baggy clothes like a lot of his friends wore, or, more to the point; his parents wouldn’t let him wear clothes like that. He compromised, though, by wearing a series of loose fitting licensed replica basketball jerseys and buying his jeans a size too big. That was as baggy as it got with him, which was just fine as far as he was concerned. It was harder to play a sudden impromptu game if he was wearing baggy jeans.

Martin’s sister, Julie, or Jules as everyone called her, was two years younger than him. Alec had overheard a conversation once between his parents and some family friends in which Jules was referred to as a mistake. Jules was small and pretty with longish dark hair and blue eyes