Her Father, My Master: Enthralled Online - Mallorie Griffin

Chapter 1

That summer was one of the most difficult I'd ever had to endure. Not only because of the wait, but because of Kandace.

She was being such a bitch.

Of course I knew about her engagement to that professor – we all knew, and my parents hated it. She tried to quell my seething emotions at her taking the spotlight from me yet again by giving me a bridesmaid position in her supposed wedding in June. But when June came and went without so much as an invitation, I and my parents began to wonder. Had she gone through with it? I hoped she hadn't. Even I could see the relationship was ridiculous, ludicrous. It would be like me trying to marry my own master.

Mr. Hendricks.

He was on my mind every day now. We could only meet one or two times a month, but I looked forward to each meeting with all the enthusiasm that my body could hold. After all these months, he still excited me, surprised me, and most importantly, he aroused me like no other man had.

But it was difficult to concentrate on my master, when my parents gave me the news of what Kandace had done. She had eloped. So, no wedding at all, just her being her usual selfish, stupid self. For someone who'd graduated with honors from high school, and had a solid 4.0 GPA in college, she was being awfully moronic.

I still remember that fateful night, when my parents got the call.

“I can't believe her!” my mother seethed as she slammed the phone down into its cradle, nearly breaking. “The nerve of her, after all we've done for her!”

My dad sat stoically at the kitchen table, his features bathed in the warm yellow light of the overhead lamp. I couldn't even begin to decipher how he was feeling, but I knew he must have been disappointed, at the very least.

My mom continued to rant and rave at me and my dad, and she even directed some anger at me, though I was innocent.

“You better never think of doing something like this, young lady!” she yelled and shook a finger at me.

My blood ran cold. Not only was I considering doing something like this, I'd had already done it. For the next year, instead of going to a proper college, I would be going to live with my master, taking online courses. It was a huge risk. I knew I could possibly be ruining my life, but I didn't care. I just wanted to take that risk. I wanted so much more with Mr. Hendricks, and I knew that if I went to a conventional college, I would get the opposite of that. I wouldn't even be able to see him, much less do the things we were doing right now.

But my parents couldn't find out. If they did, I was dead.

In a way, I was grateful for Kandace's public stupidity. While I craved my parents attention, I knew I wouldn't want what they'd directed onto to Kandace focused towards me. I felt that if they did that, my paper thin ruse would crumple and burn under their fiery gaze. Mr. Hendricks had arranged to send an official acceptance letter to my house, and it even stated that I was to receive a full scholarship to the state college. My parents were relieved, and they didn't think to look into it any further. And that was because of Kandace. If she wasn't doing what she was doing, they would have been far more suspicious, I was sure of it.

So, I lived out the last two months in a strange combination of stress and relief. There was a lot of tension in the house, because of Kandace, of course. She wasn't even living here. She was with her damned professor. Leaving me stuck at home to deal with the fallout of her ridiculous choices.

I escaped whenever I could. Mostly to my master. I needed him. I wasn't certain that he needed me, but I liked to think that he did.

One surprisingly crisp July evening, he called me to him. A simple text, as always.

Come to me.

I always obeyed, and this time was no different. I crept down the stairs, knowing I would have to tell me parents that I was going out, but not wanting to draw any attention to myself, if at all possible.

Luckily, I found my dad in the living room. He was watching TV, and mom was nowhere in sight.

“Hey dad,” I said, and