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Club, Joe Tadora. With a feeling of dread, she prepared herself to hear what she knew was coming.

“Oh hello there, Christy, sorry to interrupt your session, but I need to talk to you about your registration for Spring School. I’ve been holding your spot for over three weeks now, and I understand you needed some time to straighten 3

Heart of a Champion

things out with your bank, but I can’t in good conscience hold your spot anymore. I have a list of skaters on our waiting list who would kill for the spot. Unless you have the cash to pay the fees, I’m afraid this is it.”

“I understand Joe, really. And thanks for being so patient with me. I’ve been so busy with school and skating, I haven’t had a chance to call my parents or the bank to find out why there were stop payments on the checks I gave you. I guess I’ll just have to skip spring training this time. Thanks for holding my spot for this long.” Dejected, Christy abruptly turned away and climbed back downstairs, only to find that her coach was fully engulfed with teaching another skater. Knowing Ru-by wouldn’t get back to her today, she decided to skip skating and make other plans for tonight.

Looking around the ice, she caught sight of her boyfriend of a month, Jamie Sutton. He looked particularly handsome today, with his short blonde hair gleaming under the arena lights and his Roman profile outlined starkly against the boards. He was at that moment lifting his skating partner Joan Simpson over his head, his hands holding her in a number of highly inappropriate places. As the lift ended with Joan safely back on the ice, Jamie caught sight of her and excused himself from his coach and partner and skated over to her.

Christy greeted him with a huge smile. “It’s so good to see you. Today has been a day from hell for me. I wanted to invite you to my place so I can make you dinner and we can cuddle. I need that more than you could ever imagine today.” Jamie, looking uncomfortable, leaned his six-foot frame back against the boards beside Christy and turned to look at his skating partner.

“I really hate to do this, Christy, but I’m going to have to 4

Heart of a Champion

turn you down for tonight. I’m really, really sorry, but Joan and I just learned this new move and our coach has rented extra ice for us to work on it.” He didn’t look sorry to Christy, his gaze never leaving his skating partner.

Suspecting he was planning on breaking up with her, she decided to test her theory. “Is there something else you want to tell me, Jamie?”

Finally turning to face her, Jamie smiled his sweetest smile. “Ummm, well, you know, Christy, I really like you and I hope we can still see each other, but since I met Joan, I feel like I need to spend more time developing a relationship with her to improve our skating and—“ he started to say as Christy interrupted him.

“Whatever, Jamie. Breaking up with me is one thing, but suggesting you might like to fool around with me behind your new girlfriend’s back is just going over the line. This has been the worst day of my life, and you just topped it off nicely.

Thanks and goodbye.” She turned away abruptly and stomped to the dressing room, quickly changing out of her skates and leaving the building.

Arriving home fifteen minutes later, she closed and locked the door to her basement apartment behind her and immediately started dropping items on the floor, starting with her skate bag and continuing on with her spring jacket, sneak-ers, hair tie and various hair clips. Feeling decidedly more comfortable, she threw herself on her couch, dejection weighing her down into the battered cushions.

Resting her head on the back of the couch, she put her feet up on the small coffee table in front of her and closed her eyes, trying to forget that the last six hours had even happened.

Realizing that this was a hopeless endeavor, she moved 5

Heart of a Champion

into the bedroom, where she removed the rest of her clothes, pulled back the curtain from her whirlpool tub, and started the jets. Straightening up, she caught her reflection in the dresser mirror and started a frank assessment of her attributes and shortcomings. I’m not that horrible looking, am I? This is the second boyfriend who has dumped me