Havoc Online - Jeff Sampson

Internal Document #1

The Vesper Company

“Envisioning the brightest stars, to lead our way.”

- Internal Document, Do Not Reproduce -

Details of Video Footage Recorded Oct. 31, 2010,

Part 1

*Note: This video transcription follows the end of the “Partial Transcript of the Interrogation of Branch B’s Vesper 1.” Refer to the initial transcript for details prior to the following.

20:22:03 PST—Interrogation Room C7

Two subjects in room identified as:

—Franklin Savage, Vesper Company employee White male, 42 years old

—Emily Webb, Branch B’s Vesper 1 (designated “Deviant”)

White female, 16 years old

Vesper 1(B) sits at a desk opposite Savage. She leaps to her feet, breaking the chains that bind her wrists. Savage flinches, cowering behind his hands as the girl stares him down.

Behind Savage, the steel-reinforced door buckles inward and then flies across the room to slam against the opposite wall. A third subject enters the room, identified by intel as:

—Amy Delgado, Branch A’s Vesper 2.1 (designated “Deviant”)

Hispanic female, 16 years old

VESPER 2.1(A): Going somewhere?

The two Deviants discuss what to do with Savage and choose to let him scurry out of the room like a coward. Limon, please refrain from inserting your personal opinions into these transcripts.—MH

After more discussion, Vesper 1(B) chooses to leave behind the tape recording of her conversation with Savage and the document she wrote detailing the events spanning Sept. 7, 2010, through Sept. 13, 2010, in Skopamish, WA. The two Deviants exit the room.

20:33:17 PST—Hallway 3, Sector C

Several guards lie unconscious behind and ahead of the two Deviants, the product of Vesper 2.1(A)’s trek to break Vesper 1(B) out of the interrogation room. One wonders if perhaps our guard staff was not adequately trained to handle adversaries with telekinesis, as was brought up in a meeting on the evening of October 25, 2010. It has been noted several times, Limon, no need to continue to do so.—MH

Stepping over the fallen guards, Vesper 1(B) reaches the door of office C12, twists its doorknob, and breaks the lock, allowing the Deviants to enter.

20:37:09 PST—Office C12, Temporary Office of Franklin Savage

Vesper 1(B) and Vesper 2.1(A) cross to Savage’s desk. Vesper 1(B) rifles through loose papers until she has prepared a neat stack. The papers have since been identified as the second part of her account of the events prior to the Incident. Vesper 2.1(A) questions her motives for leaving the papers intact. Vesper 1(B) looks into the camera, speaking directly to it.

VESPER 1(B): Same reason I haven’t been smashing cameras. They want to know what we can do? Then I say we let them watch us, and we let them read all about it.

VESPER 2.1(A): I continue to like your style, girl.

VESPER 1(B): Thanks. It’s all here. Let’s move.

Part 1 of Relevant Video Footage Concluded



I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and studied the bags under my eyes, which were half-hidden behind my crooked glasses. Looked at how limp and mousy my hair was, definitely not shampoo-commercial ready. I held a pair of sleeping pills, halfheartedly telling myself to pop ’em back. Go all sleazy starlet and abuse those prescription drugs like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t do it, a voice whispered in the back of my head. An angry voice. One that kept popping into my thoughts more and more over the past few evenings. Let me out. You know you want to.

I ignored her.

It had been two nights since I’d helped kill a man after transforming into a genetically engineered werewolf. Two nights since I’d let loose my wild sides to find the man who’d murdered Emily Cooke and tried to kill Dalton McKinney. Knowing the consequences of letting myself go like that… I couldn’t do it again.

So, I was trying out a new nighttime routine.

First, an early dinner with Dad, my stepmom, Katherine, and my stepsister, Dawn.

Then, hastily banging through my homework during the hour I had left to do it, all the while staring forlornly at my book and DVD cases, remembering the good old days when I’d had entire evenings to indulge in a little escapism.

Finally, giving up on the homework halfway through because eight o’clock was rapidly approaching. Which meant sneaking into the bathroom and pouring a couple of my stepmother’s prescription-strength sleeping pills into my palm, downing them, and passing out to avoid changing into Nighttime Emily, the wild, superpowered version of me. Herself a midway state between normal me and full-on wolf-girl.

This new routine was most definitely the product of some utterly strange circumstances.

It was Tuesday night. Exactly one week since the day that regular, geeky Emily Webb—me—first turned into