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Forever London

Forever 18 Book 2

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Heather Young-Nichols

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About the Author



There was one thing I knew for sure, and it was that I wasn’t ever getting caught up with feelings like Grayson Cook. A lot of people say that, but I was determined. I’d fuck women, even regularly, but I wasn’t doing the relationship thing.

I’d done that in high school and that led to a heartbreak that I never wanted to experience in the future. I couldn’t imagine caring about someone so much again, then poof. They were gone.

Not ever going to happen again.

“Of all of us, though, I knew it’d be Grayson,” Jamison said right before taking a nice, long drink of his beer. His dirty blond hair hung in a mess.

The seven of us were on our tour bus, a couple of weeks into the tour. And there were seven of us. The band: me, lead guitar; Grayson Cook, our lead singer; Lennox Weaver, rhythm guitar; Thatcher Hoffman, bass; and Jamison McCall, drums. On top of that, we’d been joined by Lilah Chambers, Grayson’s girl, and her best friend Becca. The two of them were also our stylists for the tour.

It was a cozy fit, but when we weren’t being grouches, there was plenty of room and the women were trying really hard to not get in the way.

“Why’s that?” Grayson asked. He sat over on the couch with a beer in his hand and his woman in his lap. His dark hair looked like Lilah had been running her fingers through it. Which she was doing lightly right now.

Lilah had her feet shoved between Grayson’s legs like she was trying to warm them up. We’d just finished a show and were on the road to the next one. We did keep the bus fairly cool, and she was in a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top—her pajamas, I assumed. She had her chocolate hair pulled into two small braids on each side of her head, and her hazel eyes danced as she watched Grayson. It was a little nauseating, to be honest.

“I don’t know,” Jamison continued. “It just seems like you.”

“Really?” Lennox cocked his head to the side. “I figured we’d all hold out and live the rock-star life until we were old.”

“Rock-star life?” Becca asked, as if she didn’t know what he was referring to. “What exactly is that?” Becca was the opposite of her best friend. Lilah had the shorter dark hair while Becca’s was long, blonde, and curly. They were about the same size, though.

With the smile playing at the corners of her mouth, it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing. Stirring up trouble, or trying to see if she could make Grayson uncomfortable. I didn’t give a shit. I’d tell her exactly what we’d done on the road so far, but for Grayson’s sake, I wouldn’t.

He and Lilah as a couple were new and I wasn’t hitting that bees’ nest with a stick.

“Quit making trouble,” Lilah told her best friend.

“Me?” She held her hand against her chest as if outraged. “I would never.”

Lilah smiled and shook her head. I supposed if Grayson had to hook up permanently with someone, I was glad it was a woman like Lilah. She didn’t come off as bothered