Callie & The Cats - R.E. Butler

R.E. Butler - The Wolf's Mate #3 - Callie & The Cats

Callie & The Cats (The Wolf's Mate #3)
R.E. Butler


Chapter 1


“I’ll have a cub with you Ethan, but that’s as far as things will go,” Melania sniffed at him. She was lovely, like any other mountain lion female; all sharp angles and thin, willowy frame like a supermodel. But she was also cold and detached like any other mountain lion female. In their culture, it was the males that craved affection, that wanted marriage and children and a home, not the females. The females would bear a cub with a male whether they liked him or not, drop the baby off on the doorstep and not look at it again. It was an oddly upside down world compared to what he knew of human relationships, where the females were often the ones that wanted for love and affection and the males didn’t have the desire for it. But lions couldn’t be with human females, it was too risky. The lion females, while they didn’t want to be in relationships with the males, held their kind in esteem and would drive any human females far away through fear and intimidation, and violence if necessary.

“I don’t just want to have a child with you, Melania.” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. He needed a haircut. It was starting to dust the collar of his shirt and his father frowned on that on the force.

Her golden eyes showed no emotion at all as she looked at him once more, “It is what it is, Ethan. You ask too much. You want to f**k, that’s fine. You want a cub, that’s fine, too. But a relationship, a marriage? It’s impossible. You’re worse than your father. You and that brother of yours.”

With a rustle of the pages, Melania Travers turned back to her magazine at the desk in the police station, where he, his two brothers, two uncles, and his father made up the entire police force of King, Pennsylvania. The tiny town, barely on any map, was nestled in the mountains in the northern part of the state, and currently covered in snow that wouldn’t disappear until April. It was the perfect place in his mind, except for the one glaring missing piece of his life: a wife.

He turned and walked out of the station into the blistering wind of the beginning of January. Today he’d woken up with an itch he couldn’t scratch, an aching in his bones as if he were on the verge of something big. Over breakfast this morning, in the small home he shared with his twin Eryx and their younger brother Alek, Eryx had shared that he too was feeling strange, as if a change were coming.

“Weather,” snorted Alek. Younger than his brothers by only two years, 24 year old Alek wasn’t the romantic that his older brothers were, but he still wanted more than what they’d been relegated to with the mountain lion females. Even if he refused to admit it.

Eryx leaned over the table and stuck his finger in his brother’s bowl of Fruit Loops and Alek growled and jerked his bowl away. “Don’t dismiss our feelings, little brother.”

“Fine, fine. You guys sit around and pant after the females and try to get them to see the light for a relationship. I’m sure it will work as well for you as it did for Dad.”

Before they could make him sorry for bringing up their father’s situation, he scooted out of the kitchen with his bowl of cereal. “He’s not wrong.” Ethan scrubbed his fingers along his unshaven jaw. “Why were our kind made like this? Why do we yearn for relationships and enduring love and our females want nothing of the sort?”

“I ask myself that question at least as much as you do. We are made as we are, brother. I don’t relish leading the life our father does, but we seem to have no choice.”

“There is a choice.” Ethan leaned on the back two legs of the kitchen chair and drummed his fingers on the table.

Eryx stood up and refilled his travel mug. As usual, his twin was ready to go well before their 8 a.m. start time. “Push the thought from your mind, brother. Would you really try to seduce a human woman and watch her be driven away by the females? No human woman can stand up to the females and they know it. Cody had that human for a while and