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Sable Online - Marie Hall
Sacred Online - Elana K. Arnold
Sacred Sins Online
Sacred Stone Online - Clive Cussler
Sacrifice of Love Online - Quinn Loftis
Safe In His Arms (Manhunt) Online - Rita Herron
Safe in his Arms - Melody Anne
Safe In His Arms Online - Perfect Man #3 - Vicki Lewis Thompson
Safe with Me (With Me in Seattle) Online - Kristen Proby
Safe with Me Online - Kristen Proby
Saint Mazie - Jami Attenberg
Salt to the Sea - Ruta Sepetys
Saltwater Kisses A Billionaire Love Story Online - The Kisses Series #1 - Krista Lakes
Saltwater Kisses Online - Krista Lakes
Saltwater Witch Online - Chris Howard
Salvage Online - Alexandra Duncan
Salvatore_ a Dark Mafia Romance (Standalone) - Natasha Knight
Sam Shepard Online - Day Out of Days
Sam's Creed Online - Sarah McCarty
San Andreas Online - Alistair MacLean
Sandkings Online
Sands of Time Online - Susan May Warren
Santiago's Command Online - Kim Lawrence
Santorini Online - Alistair MacLean
Sarah Sunshine Online - Merry Farmer
Sarah's Surrender Online - Lynda Chance
Sarai Online - Jill Smith
Satan's Sword Online - Debra Dunbar
Satantango Online - Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Satori Online - Don Winslow
Savage Betrayal Online - Shelli Stevens
Savage Destiny Online - Phoebe Conn
Savage Revenge Online - Shelli Stevens
Savage Rhythm (Club Volare) Online - Chloe Cox
Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5) - Suzanne Wright
Saved Online - Allegra Skye
Saved Online - The Shadow Vampires 1 - Allegra Skye
Saving Toby Online
Saxon's Bane Online - Geoffrey Gudgion
Say it with Diamonds... this Christmas Online
Say Yes Online - Mellie George
Say Yes to the Duke Online - Kieran Kramer
Say Yes to the Duke (House of Brady) Online - Kieran Kramer
Scandal in the Night The Reckless Brides Online - Elizabeth Essex
Scandal's Bride Online - Stephanie Laurens
Scandalous 2 Online
Scandalous Desires Online - Elizabeth Hoyt
Scar Tissue Online - Marcus Sakey
Scaredy Cat Online - Mark Billingham
Scarred Man Online - Bevan McGuiness
Scent of Magic Online - Maria V. Snyder
Schoolgirl Apocalypse Online - John Cairns
Scotsmen Prefer Blondes Online - Sara Ramsey
Scoundrels Star Wars Online - Timothy Zahn
Scrapyard Ship Online - Mark Wayne McGinnis
Scrimmage Gone South Online - Alicia Hunter Pace
Scrivener's Moon Online - Philip Reeve
Sea of Love A Bayberry Island Novel Online - Susan Donovan
Sea of Temptation Online
Sea Throne Online - Chris Howard
SEAL Team 13 (SEAL Team 13 Series) Online - Evan Currie
SEAL the Deal Online - By Kate Aster
SEAL Under Covers Online - Sharon Hamilton
Searching for Beautiful - Jennifer Probst
Searching for Mine - Jennifer Probst
Searching for Neverland Online
Searching for Tomorrow Online - Katie Mac
Season for Scandal Online - Theresa Romain
Seawitch Online - Alistair MacLean
Sebastian (The Beck Brothers #2) Online - Andria Large
Sebring (Unfinished Heroes #5) - Kristen Ashley
Secluded With the Cowboy Online - Cassie Miles
Second Chance Summer Online - Emma Hart
Second Chances Series Online
Second Shift Order Online - Hugh Howey
Second-Chance Seduction Online - Kate Carlisle
Secondhand Stiff Online - Sue Ann Jaffarian
Secret Breakers The Power of Three Online - H. L. Dennis
Secret Guardian Online
Secret Maneuvers Online - Jessie Lane
Secret Passions Online - Jill Sanders
Secret Pleasure Online
Secret Pleasures Online
Secret Santa Online - Fern Michaels
Secret Vampire Online
Secrets & Saris Online - Shoma Narayanan
Secrets (Naomi Blake Mysteries) Online - Jane A Adams
Secrets and Lies Online
Secrets and Lies Online - Shay Lacy
Secrets and Sins Gabriel Online - Naima Simone
Secrets of a Powerful Man Online - Chantelle Shaw
Secrets of a Scandalous Marriag Online - Valerie Bowman
Secrets of a Scandalous Marriage Online - Valerie Bowman
Secrets Online - Kristen Heitzmann
Secrets Vol 2 Ella Steele Online
Secrets Vol 4 Online
Security Online - Mandy Baggot
Seduced by Blood Online - Laurie London
Seduced By His Target Online - Gail Barrett
Seduced by Lies Online - Stacey Quinn
Seduced by the Italian Online - Diana Fraser
Seduced Online - Cari Quinn
Seduced Online - Melody Anne
Seducing Her Rival Online - Seleste deLaney
Seducing Phoebe Online
Seducing the Enemy Online
Seduction of an English Beauty Online - Miranda Jarrett
Seduction of Moxie Online - Colette Moody
Seductive Viennese Whirl Online - Emma Kaufmann
See Jayne Play Online - Jami Denise
See Me in Your Dreams Online - Patricia Rosemoor
See Under: Love Online - David Grossman
Seers Online - Heather Frost
Selections from By Blood We Live Online - John Joseph Adams
Senate Cloakroom Cabal Online - Keith M. Donaldson
Sensation A Superhero Novel Online - Kevin Hardman
Sentinel The Fifth Covenant Novel Online - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Sentinels: Forsaken Knight Online - B.H. Savage
Servant of the Bones Online
Seven Day Fiance Online - Rachel Harris
Seven Dials Online
Seven Forges Online - James A. Moore
Seventh Retribution Online - Ben Counter
Seventh Son Online
Shades of Blood Online - L. M. Pruitt
Shades of Earth Online - Beth Revis
Shades of Gray Online - L. M. Pruitt
Shadow and Betrayal Online - Daniel Abraham
Shadow Cave Online - Angie West
Shadow game Online
Shadow Kiss Online
Shadow Kiss Online - Richelle Mead
Shadow Kiss Online - Vampire Academy 3 - Richelle Mead
Shadow of a Doubt - Tiffany Snow
Shadow of Sin Online - Parker Kincade
Shadow of the Giant Online
Shadow of the Hegemon Online
Shadow of the Mark Online - Leigh Fallon
Shadow of the Wolf Tree Online - Joseph Heywood
Shadow People Online - James Swain
Shadow Puppets Online
Shadow Sight Online - E. J. Stevens
Shadow Twin Online
Shadow's Curse Online - Alexa Egan
Shadow's End - Thea Harrison
Shadow's Stand Online - Sarah McCarty
Shadowed Online - Rebecca Zanetti
Shadowed Threads Online - Shannon Mayer
Shadowlark (The Skylark Trilogy) Online - Meagan Spooner
Shadows Before the Sun Online - Kelly Gay
Shadows Burned In Online - Chris Pourteau
Shadows in the Darkness Online - Elaine Cunningham
Shadows in the Starlight Online - Elaine Cunningham
Shadows of Yesterday Online - Cathy Williams
Shadows Online - Brenda Huber
Shady Cross - James Hankins
Shaggy Maggie Online - Tyffani Clark Kemp
Shakespeares Champion Online
Shakespeares Christmas Online
Shakespeares Counselor Online
Shakespeares Landlord Online
Shakespeares Trollop Online
Shame Online - Alan Russell
Shameless Exposure Online - Robert Fanshaw
Shapeshifter Online - Holly Bennett
Shards of Us Online - KR Caverly
Sharing Nicely Online - Victoria Blisse
Sharing Sam (Love Stories) Online - Katherine Applegate
Shattered Ties (The Ties Series) Online - K.A. Robinson
She Belongs to Me Online - Carmen DeSousa
She Does Know Jack Online - Donna Michaels
She Had No Choice Online - Debra Burroughs
She is Risen The Gun Control Case Studie Online - Travis Adams Irish
She Walks in Darkness Online - Evangeline Walton
She Who Dares Online - Jane O'Reilly
She Who Waits (Low Town) Online - Daniel Polansky
Shelf Life Online - Stephanie Lawton
Sheltered by Her Top-Notch Boss Online - Joanna Neil
Shield of Sea and Space Online - Erin Hoffman
Shift (Firstborn Trilogy Book Two) Online - Raine Thomas
Shifting Online - Bethany Wiggins
Shifu, You'll Do Anything For a Laugh Online
Shirley Rousseau Murphy Online - Cat Bearing Gifts
Shoggoths in Bloom Online - Elizabeth Bear
Shoot Me Online - Lesley Crewe
Shooting Scars Online - Karina Halle
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan Online - Sophie Kinsella
Shot in the Back - William W. Johnstone
Should've Been a Cowboy Online - Vicki Lewis Thompson
Shriek An Afterword Online - Jeff VanderMeer
Shymers Online - Jen Naumann
Sidelined Online - Kendra C. Highley
Siege Online - Karen Miller
Sierra Donovan Online
Significant Others Online - Marilyn Baron
Silas (Assassins) Online - V. J. Chambers
Silence - Mechtild Borrmann
Silenced Online - Kristina Ohlsson
Silent as the Grave Online
Silent Voices Online - Gary McMahon
Silent Witness Online - Collin Wilcox
Silk on the Skin Online - Linda Cajio
Silver Hollow Online - Jennifer Silverwood
Silver Moon Online - Rebecca A. Rogers
Since You've Been Gone Online - Elle Kennedy
Sinfully Summer Online
Sing A Novel of Colorado Online - Lisa T. Bergren
Sing for the Dead (London Undead) Online - PJ Schnyder
Singed (Titanium Security Series) Online - Kaylea Cross
Sinister (Lisa Jackson) Online - Nancy Bush
Sins from Her Past (Scandalous) Online - Jules Bennett
Sins of a Wicked Princess Online
Sins of the Father Online - Kitty Neale
Sins of the Flesh A Carmine Delmonico Novel Online
Siren's Secret Online - Debbie Herbert
Siren's Song - Mary Weber
Sisters of Mercy Flats Online
Skeleton Coast Online - Clive Cussler
Skeleton Crew Online - Cameron Haley
Skin Trade Online - Laurell K. Hamilton
Slammed (San Amaro Singles) Online - Kelly Jamieson
Slave of the Legion Online - Marshall S. Thomas
Sleeping Beauty Online - Jenni James
Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer Online - Maureen McGowan
Sleeping Giants (Themis Files #1) - Sylvain Neuvel
Sleeping With the Boss Online - Cathy Williams
Sleepless Online - Cyn Balog
Sleepyhead Online - Mark Billingham
Sleight of Hand Online - Kate Wilhelm
Slice Of Cherry Online - Dia Reeves
Slip of the Tongue - Jessica Hawkins
Slow Ride Home (The Grady Legacy) Online - Leah Braemel
Small Town Christmas Online - Jill Shalvis
Smoke River Bride Online - Lynna Banning
Snared - Ed James
Snow in Summer Online - Jane Yolen
Snow White (Faerie Tale Collection) Online - Jenni James
Snowy Night with a Highlander Online - Julia London
So Many Reasons Why Online - Missy Johnson
So Much It Hurts Online - Melanie Dawn
So Sad Today - Melissa Broder
Soar (Alyssa Rose Ivy) Online
Solaris Rising Online - Ian Whates
Sold to the Enemy Online - Sarah Morgan
Soldier - Julie Kagawa
Soldier of the Legion Online - Marshall S. Thomas
Soldier Under Siege Online - Elle Kennedy
Soldier's Redemption Online - Alice Sharpe
Soldiers' Pay Online - William Faulkner
Solid Soul Online - Brenda Jackson
Solomon Kane Online - Ramsey Campbell
Solstice A Novel of the Zombie Apocalyps Online - Donna Burgess
Some Like It Spicy Online - Robbie Terman
Some Like It Wicked Online - Carole Mortimer
Some Lips Tell Lies Online - Mary Tribbey
Some Quiet Place Online - Kelsey Sutton
Some Sort of Love - Melanie Harlow
Somebody's Crying Online - Maureen McCarthy
Someone Different Online - Kate Hanney
Someone Else's Fairytale Online - E.M. Tippetts
Someone is stalking Miyuki Price-Jones Online
Someone Like You Online
Something About You (Just Me & You) Online - Lelaina Landis
Something Fierce Online - David Drayer
Something Great Online - M. Clarke
Something Missing A Novel Online - Matthew Dicks
Something More Than Night Online - Ian Tregillis
Something Wicked Online - Angela Campbell
Something's Cooking Online - Joanne Pence
Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze) Online - Abbi Glines
Son of a Mermaid Online - Katie O'Sullivan
Son of a Serial Killer Online - Jams N. Roses
Songmaster Online
Soothing His Madness Online - Debra Kayn
Sora's Quest (The Cat's Eye Chronicles) Online - T. L. Shreffler
Sorcerers of the Nightwing Online - Geoffrey Huntington
Soul Dancing Online - Arlene Brathwaite
Soul Kissed (Shadow Kissed) Online - Erin Kellison
Soul Sucker Online - Kate Pearce
Soulless (Lawless #2) - T.M. Frazier
Soulmate Online
Sources of Light Online - Margaret McMullan
South by Java Head Online - Alistair MacLean
South of Broad Online - Pat Conroy
Southern Romance Online - Crystal G Smith
Southern Star Destiny Romance Online - JC Grey
Southtown Online - Tres Navarre #5 - Rick Riordan
Sovereign (The Books of Mortals) Online - Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
Spark (Spark Series) Online - Brooke Cumberland
Spartan Gold Online - Clive Cussler
Speaker for the Dead Online
Special Circumstances Online - Sheldon Siegel
Special Smashwords Edition Online
Specimen - Shay Savage
Speed of My Heart Online - Erika Trevathan
Spellbinder Online
Spellbinder Online - Collin Wilcox
Spend My Life With You Online - Donna Hill
Spider Woman's Daughter Online - Anne Hillerman
Spirit (Elemental) Online - Brigid Kemmerer
Spirit and Dust Online - Rosemary Clement-Moore
Spirit Binder The Cascadian Chronicles Online - Meghan Ciana Doidge
Spirit Bound Online
Spirit Bound Online - Richelle Mead
Spirit Bound Online - Vampire Academy 5 - Richelle Mead
Spirit of the King Online - Bruce Blake
Spirit's Chosen (Princesses of Myth) Online - Esther Friesner
Spirit's End Online - Rachel Aaron
Spirit's Princess (Princesses of Myth) Online - Esther Friesner
Spirit's Princess Online - Esther Friesner
Spoiled Online - Heather Cocks
Spooked Online - Tracy Sharp
Sprout Online - Dale Peck
Spy in the Saddle Online - Dana Marton
Spy to Die For Online - Kris DeLake
Spy's Honor Online - Amy Raby
Stalked By Shadows Online - Chris Collett
Stand-in Wife Online
Stand-In Wife Online - Debbie Macomber
Star Trek The Fall The Poisoned Chalice Online - James Swallow
Star Wars Empire and Rebellion Razor's E Online - Martha Wells
Starbright Online - Rachel Higginson
Starflower (Tales of Goldstone Wood) Online - Anne Elisabeth Stengl
Starlight (Peaches Monroe) Online - Mimi Strong
Starry Night A Christmas Novel Online - Debbie Macomber
State of Emergency Online - Sam Fisher
Status Update (Second Chances) Online - Mari Carr
Steal the Day Online - Lexi Blake
Stealing Grace Online - Shelby Fallon
Stealing the Elf-King's Roses The Author Online - Diane Duane
Stealth Online - Karen Miller
Steelheart Online - Brandon Sanderson
Stella Bain Online - Anita Shreve
Step Back in Time Online - Ali McNamara
Stiff Online - Shane Maloney
Still Human (Just Human) Online - Kerry Heavens
Still Into You Online - Roni Loren
Still So Hot! Online - Serena Bell
Stir Me Up Online - Sabrina Elkins
Stolen Chances Online - Elisabeth Naughton
Stolen Online - Ella James
Stories All-New Tales Online - Neil Gaiman
Storm Assault (Star Force Series) Online - B. V. Larson
Storm Born Online
Storm Damages Online - Magda Alexander
Storm of Magick Online - L. A. Burton
Straight from the Heart Online - Barbara Delinsky
Straight to You Online
Stranded with a Hero Online - Karen Erickson
Strange Images of Death Online - Barbara Cleverly
Straw in the Wind Online - Janet Woods
Stray Souls (Magicals Anonymous) Online - Kate Griffin
Striking (Forged in Fire) Online - Lila Felix
Stripped Online - Edie Harris
Stroke of Fear Online - Alla Kar
Stroked (Stroked #1) - Meghan Quinn
Stronger (Runaway) Online - Lexie Ray
Stronger with You (With You Trilogy) Online - R. J. Sable
Stronger with You Online
Stubborn Love Online - Natalie Ward
Stuck-Up Suit - Vi Keeland
Students of the Game Online
Styxx (Dark-Hunter) Online - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Succubs on Top Online
Succubus Blues Online
Succubus Dreams Online
Succubus Heat Online
Succubus Revealed Online
Succubus Shadows Online
Sudden Departure Of The Frasers - Louise Candlish
Suddenly Royal - Suddenly #1 - Nichole Chase
Sue and Tom Online - Buffy Andrews
Sugar Daddies - Jade West
Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl #2) - Sawyer Bennett
Summer by the Sea - Susan Wiggs
Summer Daydreams Online - Carole Matthews
Summer Days and Summer Nights - Stephanie Perkins
Summer Girl Online - Sophie Hill
Summer in Iron Springs Online - Margie Broschinsky
Summer Session Online - Merry Jones
Sun Mage Online - John Forrester
Sunburst Online - Rachel Higginson
Sundown Online - Jade Laredo
Super Dark (Super Dark Trilogy) Online - Tanith Morse
Superlovin' Online - Vivi Andrews
Supernatural Devices Online - Kailin Gow
Surrender (The Ferryman and The Flame) Online - Rhiannon Paille
Surrender to Love (Night Calls) Online - J.C. Valentine
Surrender to Love Online
Surrender to the Past Online - Carole Mortimer
Surrender to the Sea - Michelle M. Pillow
Surreptitious (London) Online - Danielle Breeze
Surreptitious Online
Surviving Valentine Online - Jessica Florence
Suspect Online - Robert Crais
Suspiciously Obedient Online - by Julia Kent
Swansong - Damien Boyd
Swear Online - Nina Malkin
Sweet (Erin McCarthy) Online - Erin McCarthy
Sweet Chemistry Online
Sweet Gone South Online
Sweet Hell Online - Rosanna Leo
Sweet Legacy (Sweet Venom) Online - Tera Lynn Childs
Sweet Ride! Online
Sweet Ruin - Kresley Cole
Sweet Seduction Online - Jennifer St George
Sweet Serendipity Online - Kelly Curry
Sweet Soul (Sweet Home #5) - Tillie Cole
Sweet Talk Online - Julie Garwood
Sweet Thing Online - Renee Carlino
Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor #5) - Debbie Macomber
Sweeter than Birdsong Online - Rosslyn Elliott
Sweetwater Seduction Online
Swimming Online - Nicola Keegan
Switchblade Goddess Online - Lucy A. Snyder
Switched Online - Helenkay Dimon
Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventu Online - Robert E. Howard
Swords Against Death Online - Fritz Leiber
Swords Against Wizardry Online - Fritz Leiber
Swords and Deviltry Online - Fritz Leiber
Swords in the Mist Online - Fritz Leiber
Sworn Sword Online - James Aitcheson
Sycamore Row Online - John Grisham