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P.S. I Like You - Kasie West
Pacific Vortex Online - Clive Cussler
Pagan Spring A Mystery (Max Tudor) Online - G.M. Malliet
Pagan's Scribe Online - Catherine Jinks
Pagan's Vows Online - Catherine Jinks
Painless - S. A. Harazin
Painted Lines Online
Painting Naked Online - Maggie Dana
Palace of Treason - Jason Matthews
Pale Kings Online - Ben Galley
Pandora Online
Panic Button Online - Frazer Lee
Panorama Online - H. G. Adler
Parable of the Sower Online - Octavia E. Butler
Parable of the Talents Online - Octavia E. Butler
Paradise Damned Online - S. M. Reine
Paradise Valley Online - Rosanne Bittner
Parallel Spirits (Carrier Spirits) Online - Cassia Leo
Parasite (Parasitology) Online - Mira Grant
Partisans Online - Alistair MacLean
Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs - Dave Holmes
Passenger (Passenger #1) - Alexandra Bracken
Passion and Pain Online - Kathy Petrakis
Passion's Exile Online - Glynnis Campbell
Passion's Tide Online - Sarah West
Past Redemption Online - Savannah Russe
Pastel Orphans - Gemma Liviero
Path of the Incubus Online - Andy Chambers
Path of the Seer Online - Gav Thorpe
Patient Zero Online - Jonathan Maberry
Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus Online - Kate O'Hearn
Pegasus and the Flame Online - Kate O'Hearn
Pegasus and the New Olympians Online - Kate O'Hearn
Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus Online - Kate O'Hearn
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (Percy Jackson and the Olympians companion #5.5) - Rick Riordan
Perfect Killer Online - Lewis Perdue
Perfect Morning Online
Perfect Ruin (Unyielding #2) - Nashoda Rose
Perfection Online - JL Spelbring
Perfectly Unmatched Online
Permutation City Online - Greg Egan
Personal Experiences Online - Tracy Lee
Personal Online - Lee Child
Petrodor Online - Joel Shepherd
Phantom Online
Phantom Wolf Online - Bonnie Vanak
Phoenix Legacy Online - Corrina Lawson
Picking Up the Brass Online - Eddy Nugent
Picking up the Pieces Online - Jessica Prince
Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints #1) - Ella Fox
Piece of Me (A Wynter McBride Novel) Online - Lexi Monroe
PIECES OF LIES Online - Angela Richardson
Pirate Cinema Online - Cory Doctorow
Plague Ship Online - Clive Cussler
Plaid Tidings (Spirit of the Highlands) Online - Mia Marlowe
Plain Kate Online - Erin Bow
Plain Pursuit Online - Alison Stone
Planning on Forever Online - Ashley Wilcox
Play Me Online - Diane Alberts
Playing Dirty Online - Jennifer Echols
Playing for Time Online - Barbara Bretton
Playing Games Online - Jill Myles
Playing His Dangerous Game Online - Tina Duncan
Playing the Field Online
Playing With Fire Online - Ashley Piscitelli
Playing With Her Heart Online - Lauren Blakely
Pleasure of a Dark Prince Online
Pleasuring the Lady (The Pleasure Wars) Online - Jess Michaels
Pledged Online - Gwynneth White
Plush Online - Kate Crash
Poe's Children Online - Peter Straub
Poppy Done to Death Online
Portal (Nina Decker) Online - Vivi Anna
Portrait of Seduction Online - Carrie Lofty
Poseidon's Arrow Online - Clive Cussler
Possessing Morgan Online - Bonnie Edwards
Possession A Greywalker Novel Online - Kat Richardson
Possession of Souls Online - Lacey Weatherford
Power in the Blood (John Jordan Mystery) Online - Michael Lister
Power Online - Kristie Cook
Power Play Online - Dara Girard
Power Revealed (The Elementers) Online - Leah Berry
Power Under Pressure Online - Andrew P. Mayer
Praefatio A Novel Online - Georgia McBride
Praise for LADY GONE BAD Online
Praise for Nina Harrington Online
Praise for No Other Gods Online
Praise for the Books of Sharon Page Online
Praise for Wild Highland Rose Online
Precious Consequences Online - Tamsyn Bester
Premeditated Online - Josin L. Mcquein
Prentice Alvin Online
Present Perfect Online - Alison Bailey
Preserving Hope Online - Alex Albrinck
Preternatural (Worlds & Secrets) Online - Lloyd Harry-Davis
Price of a Kiss Online - Linda Kage
Priceless Online - Nicole Richie
Pride After Her Fall Online - Lucy Ellis
Pride Online - Robin Wasserman
Priestess of the White Online - Trudi Canavan
Prima Donna Online - Cat Eyez
Primal Bonds Online - Jennifer Ashley
Prince Thief From the Tales of Easie Damasco Online
Princess Charming Online - Sara Mercier
Princess of Azarmon Online - Angelaine Espinosa
Private Berlin Online - James Patterson
Private L.A. Online - James Patterson
Prom Nights From Hell Online
Promise Me Light Online - Paige Weaver
Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel) Online - Jodi Thomas
Proof of Forever - Lexa Hillyer
Proposal to Love Online - Elizabeth Lennox
Protecting His Witness Online
Protecting Truth Online - Michelle Warren
Protective Instincts Online - Mary Marvella
Provocative (Tempting Book 3) - Alex Lucian
Prowl Online - Amber Garza
Proxima Online - Stephen Baxter
Pucked Over (Pucked #3) - Helena Hunting
Puppet on a Chain Online - Alistair MacLean