The Alpha's Heart - R.E. Butler

R.E. Butler - Wilde Creek #2 - The Alpha's Heart

The Alpha's Heart (Wilde Creek #2)
R.E. Butler


Chapter 1


A little boy sneezed right in Brynn Mara’s face as she stood behind the desk at the Family Clinic of Wilde Creek. She blinked and jerked back; the mom holding the boy shifted him away by sliding him to her other hip and smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, Bobby has allergies, not a cold.” Bobby’s mother Jackie said.

Brynn grabbed a few tissues from the box on her desk, wiping away the wetness from her cheeks and nose, and smiled at Jackie in understanding.

“After working here for the last three years, I’ve been sneezed on by over half the kids in town. It’s no problem, trust me.” She gave Jackie a reassuring smile and handed Bobby a sucker from the jar on the desk. He flashed her a sweet smile as he peered at the sucker.

Jackie looked grateful that Brynn hadn’t had a total conniption fit. It certainly wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to her in the doctor’s office, and she didn’t want Jackie to feel bad. After checking Bobby in, she sat down and turned her attention back to the schedule on the computer screen. She picked up the caller that she’d placed on hold when the mom and her sneezing kid had shown up.

“Thanks for holding,” Brynn said after pressing the line button. She made an appointment for the caller, and before she’d disconnected, two other lines rang. It was hectic, but she was used to it. The phones were always ringing at the clinic, and the two doctors — husband and wife team Kimberli and Frank Channing — were kept busy fielding patients from not only Wilde Creek but also the surrounding towns.

Seeing Jackie and Bobby, and the flashy diamond ring on Jackie’s finger, made Brynn suddenly aware of her current situation. Twenty-nine and painfully single. She had a job she loved, but at the end of the day she went home to her empty house. What she wanted was to start the next chapter of her life…getting married and having a family.

“Oh man,” she muttered, trying to banish the thoughts of one very sexy hunk of man from her mind.

“What?” Dr. Kimberli, affectionately known to everyone as Dr. Kimmi, asked, coming to stand behind the desk with a patient chart.

“Nothing. My brain was just wandering into unwelcome territory.”

Dr. Kimmi chuckled and tucked a lock of dark blonde hair behind her ear before reaching for a pen from the cup on the desk. “That happens to the best of us, dear. Do you have plans this weekend?”

“Not really. Mia and I usually go see a movie or grab dinner on Friday nights, but she’s going to a relative’s wedding out of town so that’s out. I think I’ll do something really exciting, like tackle my closet and put my summer clothes away and get my winter things out.”

“Ooh, exciting,” Dr. Kimmi said with a smile. Then she looked thoughtful. “Are you up for a blind date?”

Brynn blinked in surprise. She couldn’t have been more caught off-guard by the question if Kimmi had also thrown confetti and danced a jig when she asked it.

“Uh,” she started, and Kimmi put her hand up with a chuckle.

“His name is Xavier Whiting. He’s the son of some friends of ours; he just graduated from medical school and is working at Findley Hospital. He’s very cute and nice, I promise.”

Cute and nice? Sounded like the description for a pet, not a potential boyfriend. She preferred descriptions of her dates to include words like ‘sexy’ and ‘gorgeous,’ but then again she hadn’t gone out with anyone worthwhile in a long time. Sure, there had been dates, but she’d spent the years since high school nursing a bad case of unrequited love for a certain alpha werewolf. Eleven years was a long time to hold onto someone that didn’t really want to be held onto. At least not by her. Since he was a wolf and she was human, and he hated humans.

Deciding that she’d spent more than enough time comparing men to Acksel Moore, she smiled up at her boss. “I’d love to meet Xavier.”

“Great! I’ll give him your number and have him call you. I’m sure you two will hit it off.”

Brynn watched the doctor leave the reception area and smiled to herself. Going out on a date with an eligible doctor was just what she needed.

If she could just stop thinking about that