Without Boundaries Online - CJ Azevedo



I haven’t been out since, well, since forever. I do social events all the time for work, but never do anything like that for personal reasons anymore. When I started dating Hollister, my boyfriend whom I have lived with for six months now, we would go out to dinner and different clubs and such with his friends quite often. But we haven’t done that since I moved in with him. Everything changed when I moved into Hollister Harrison’s extravagant Upper East Side apartment.

Hollister has flown down to the south to visit his parents for a few days. He never goes anywhere without me, so this is a first, but I had way too much going on at work to even entertain the idea and his mother was being relentless that he come this week. Besides, I really have no desire to spend any amount of time with his family. So he went, I stayed; I haven’t been this relaxed in months. Kali McAllister is a friend of mine whom I met at the gym a couple months back and the one who convinced me I must go out with her tonight. I managed to get Hollister on board by telling him I was going to a show and a quiet bar for a few drinks with Kali and a couple of her friends. It’s not a total lie, but I can’t honestly say it’s the complete truth either.

This is just plain stupid to be so nervous! It’s drinks with friends Bailey. No. Big. Deal, I think to myself as I continue to stress over my attire.

I must have changed my clothes a bazillion times and my shoes twice as many as that. Dos bazillion? I don’t know but it’s been way too many times that’s for sure. I’ve never gone out at night like this with Kali, so I’m not real sure what to expect. I know she said we were going to start out at her brother’s ice hockey game and then meet up with him and his friends afterwards to go to some pub. I get giddy at the thought of the pub being like that quaint little Irish pub on P.S I Love You. I definitely wouldn’t mind running into a Gerard Butler tonight, even just to look at him. Mmmm. Oh okay, that’s why you’re freaking out Bay! You haven’t stepped foot outside this apartment without being attached to Hollister unless it’s for work. So, cue the fashion police inside my own head to make sure Ol’ Joan Rivers will approve! Ridiculous!

I’m standing in front of my Brazilian Cherry wood full length mirror in our master suite just staring. Dressing up nicely is nothing new to me. I work for an elite PR Firm in Soho, NY. Fashion is not only a job requirement but a social one as well; not that I have a social life anymore but once upon a time I did. So I’m comfortable with the decisions I finally make tonight as far as my appearance goes and am quite excited about making the decision to go out and have fun while Hollister is gone. Even if I am nervous as hell.

The intercom buzzes and our concierge informs me that a car has arrived to pick me up. I pick up my latest Chanel clutch and head towards the foyer. I take the elevator down the twenty-seven floors and bid Fred, our concierge, a goodnight. I step out in the cold October weather and suddenly wish I had worn a heavy coat. Joan wears furs. Faux or not, I just can’t rock a fur! I reach the shiny black town car and I see Kali perched happily in the back as the driver opens the door for me. I thank him as I climb in and Kali starts immediately.

“Oh my gosh Bay!!! You look stunning! You’re going to be fighting them off with a stick honey. Oh and I’m going to need to borrow that clutch next weekend, I’m heading over to the Hamptons and I have the perfect outfit for it!” Kali says in what I am pretty sure is one breath. She and I meet up at the gym for some classes and then we also like to run the parks and trails some mornings, so seeing me outside of running clothes is non-existent. She is also a few years younger than I am; most of the time I don’t notice the age difference. But when she talks to me