Winter's Touch (The Last Riders #8) - Jamie Begley Page 0,1

taken time to admit that she found it erotic, it wasn’t the only hard truth she had found out about herself since she had married Viper.

The other members would occasionally join them in their bedroom. Anytime a member wanted to invite others in, they only had to open their door, and then the person inviting them in would tell the others where they wanted them.

Viper knew she didn’t want any of the men touching her, so the men or women only watched as she and Viper made love. Only one time had another man touched her, and that had been Knox. Winter still shuddered when she remembered the ecstasy of feeling his tongue ring on her pussy.

She entered the bedroom, slipping off the high heels she had worn to school as the principal of the alternative school in Treepoint. She then took a step forward, intending to go to the bathroom to shower, but she found herself pressed face first against the wall next to the open door.

“Want to tell me why you threw a winning hand?”

Winter stubbornly firmed her jaw. “I was tired of playing.” She pressed her hands flat on the wall beside her head, trying to gain leverage to push herself away from Viper’s hard body. However, Viper kissed the flesh behind her ear as she felt his hand slide up her leg, bunching her dress to her waist.

“You’re never too tired to play,” Viper contradicted. “You didn’t look tired.” He took her earlobe into his mouth, nibbling on it until she used her butt to try to push him away. She only found herself pressed flatter against the wall.

“Maybe I was tired of watching Sasha look at you like it was you she was fucking,” she snarled over her shoulder.

He gave a low chuckle. “Does it matter, as long as it’s not me fucking her?”

“Yes, dammit! It does! How would you feel if Train was staring…? Never mind. I know how you would feel. You’d think it’s hot.”

“It is hot when I fuck you.” He burrowed his finger beneath the tiny strap of her thong, her wet pussy arching into his touch.

She clenched her hands into fists on the wall, having no willpower where Viper was concerned. Instead, she rose on her toes, trying to move his fingers where she wanted them.

She felt one finger enter her as his thumb rubbed the hood of her clit. She began to pant, trying to hold on to the orgasm building inside the walls of her pussy. Her eyes widened when Train came through the door. His dark eyes met hers before she lowered her lashes. That was when she saw the woman coming in the door behind him.

Her orgasm stalled.

“You can take the couch.”

Viper’s deep voice had her wanting to jerk out of his grasp, but then she felt herself melting when he added another finger to the one that was stroking her into a frenzy of need.

Winter didn’t turn her head to see what Train and Sasha were doing. She couldn’t, not when Viper had lowered his mouth to her shoulder, pinning her in place.

His dominance made her wetter, making her crave the next movement of his fingers. She started to sink down to her knees, but her husband lifted her, turning her to face the couple lying on the couch.

Winter’s dress was still around her waist, but as he turned her, the front fell forward, giving only the fleeting glimpse of pussy with the small scrap of fabric covering her. Helplessly, she saw Raci and Moon take a seat on the couch as Train stood.

“I told Train you wanted to give him a going away present, something to remember until he gets back. Raci can only watch. She’s not allowed to touch anyone. Her punishment isn’t over.”

Raci’s punishment had been decided by the members. None of them had wanted to throw Raci out of the club. They were too attached to her. Still, they had wanted her punished for betraying them. She wasn’t even allowed to pleasure herself, and they’d made her share a bedroom with Jewell until her punishment was over.

Sasha was naked now. Moon went to his knees between her thighs, burying his face in her pussy. He had his back to her as Raci watched him work on Sasha.

Winter’s attention was ripped from them when she saw Train coming to stand in front of her. Viper’s fingers were still slipping through the wet folds of her pussy.

“Can I see?” The rough timber of