Wild Hyacinthe Online

Chapter 1 - Asher

The vigorous thrum of orgasm rippled through me from head to toe. Below my weight, thoroughly pinned to the bed, Kellie sighed with happy satisfaction. The transfer of her energy and aura to me began when our bodies connected, though I’m quite sure she didn’t notice. They never noticed until it was far too late to survive the bed of an incubus.

This moment was the worst. For most men, I’m sure it was the best—a beautiful woman beneath me, happy from the pleasure I bestowed upon her, stroking the muscles of my chest with admiration. But I wasn’t most men, and this moment meant I was once again a killer and the worst type of monster. I didn’t want this life of murder for survival. I didn’t want this curse.

But there was no escaping my curse. Every six months—if I was strong enough to hold out that long—I took a woman to my bed and claimed her soul with my body. Kellie was a simple seduction: money, looks, and a charming smile always guaranteed that when I needed to fuel myself, the selection of eager women would be near overload. She jumped into my car as soon as I suggested a romantic getaway to my cabin on the shore of Lake Superior without hesitation. And now, thanks to her enthusiasm, I lay buried inside her body as she admired her killer. Most men would congratulate themselves for a job well done as they kissed the delicious, sweat-sheened breasts of a woman like this. But I was not most men, and I couldn’t enjoy even a heartbeat of the encounter. I lacked the strength to resist the monster in my soul, and I hated every breath that crossed my lips as she inhaled her last tastes of earthly air.

My urges boiled. The predatory nature of my being lurked just beneath my personality, waiting for me to slip up and lose control. The incubus part of me needed to be charged, lest I physically weaken until that side of my soul took over and forced me to fuck and kill. If I didn’t do it, he would do it for me—the incubus, the monster I loathed, always looming over my shoulder and threatening to dominate my body in the worst way for the rest of my life. I couldn’t let him have control. I might be a monster, but the least I could do was reduce the number of kills by keeping ownership of my own body. If I wanted to remain partly a man rather than the pure, vile soul of the monster I had become, I had to do this.

So I kissed Kellie’s forehead and withdrew from her heated center, feeling my eyes blaze. Kellie’s life and silhouette burned brilliant blue before me for only a second—the image of her beautiful skin doubling as it lifted above her body—before her eyelids snapped open and she gasped. It was far too late for her to object. As I withdrew from within her, that double image of her aura lifted further to meet my flesh and I absorbed her into my body, charging my muscles, little, electric zaps of satisfaction jolting through my limbs. Her aura slid into my soul and I gasped above her mouth, taking in the last bits of her life that remained, fueling my body as she let out a strangled grunt from the back of her throat. Then, Kellie was limp beneath me. Spent. Empty. Nothing but a lifeless shell of a woman.

I rose to my feet and felt new life pulsing through me. I was charged and satiated. I looked over Kellie’s corpse, and my heart sank heavily in my chest. Though my body swelled with new strength by the power of her life, there was nothing left of the woman before me. I hated this. Six years of killing had worn on me, though her aura tasted of fresh water to my aching, needy body. I was a murderer. My stomach rolled and I turned away, swallowing bile.

And if I didn’t inhale her, as the needs of the incubus demanded, I’d face a fate much worse than swallowing murder as a sin. I hoped Hell would prove to be a nicer existence than my life. At least there might be no sex in Hell.

I tapped my phone to send Gypsy her cue that I was through and strode into the bathroom for a shower. The triple-sized glass panels around me fogged as the