Wethering the Storm (The Storm Series) Online - Samantha Towle Page 0,1

that. Even now, I can tell his mind is elsewhere as he stares out at the ocean, his fingers tapping restlessly against my hand.

I hate that he won’t share with me what it is. I know it’s because he doesn’t want to burden me, but I want him to burden me. I want him to share everything with me. Our lives are entwined now, and I don’t want him carrying things alone anymore. The last time he did that, he fell off the wagon, and we lost each other as a result of it.

Jake is still only a few weeks’ clean, and I, for one, want to keep him that way.

I’m glad he’s here, away from all temptation at the moment. Well, all temptations except me, that is. I do worry, though, how things will be for him when we eventually go back to the real world.

“You fancy a swim before the sun goes in?” I nod in the direction of the water lapping the white sand, deciding not to push the subject further. I’ll tackle his communication issues later, when he’s more relaxed.

Jake’s eyes set on my body, his gaze roaming every curve, causing all the muscles in me to involuntarily clench. Especially the ones between my legs.

“You’re asking if I want a chance to see you wet, wearing that bikini?” A grin curves his gorgeous mouth as he lifts his brow in question.

I glance down at my favourite and most recent bikini purchase. It’s white with pink flowers and has tiny diamantes sewn in. I picked it up from the airport. It was love at first sight.

“How do you manage to turn something as simple as my request to swim, into sex?” I ask, chuckling, as I climb up from my lounger.

I pull my sunglasses off my head and drop them onto my towel. Hands on hips, I stare down at him.

Jake’s eyes skim my curves again. “When you’re in the equation, sweetheart, everything is about sex.”

He slides off his lounger, rising to his feet in one graceful move, and comes over to me.

My whole body suddenly aches for his touch. I feel hungry for him.

I simply cannot get enough of Jake. And I don’t want to. Ever.

Jake presses himself against me. My hands instantly go to his hard stomach, fingers pressed against his rigid muscle, as I stare up into his beautiful blue eyes. Eyes I could spend a lifetime staring into.

A devilish smile curves his lips as two large hands reach down and cup my behind, urging me to lift and wrap my legs around his waist.

Of course, I happily oblige his unspoken request.

Snaking my arms around his neck, I wind my fingers into his lush black hair and kiss his lips, feeling his instant erection press against me.

“You’re hard?” I smile.

“Well, you’re hot,” he says with a shrug.

Jake puts his lips against my neck, sliding the tip of his tongue over my skin as he starts the short walk down to the water.

He wades us into the sun-warmed ocean until we’re chest deep.

The long length of my hair is already wet, so holding on to Jake’s shoulders, I tilt my head back, wetting the rest.

As I right myself, I meet Jake’s stare again. “How did I get so lucky to have you?” he asks. His eyes suddenly look unsure.

Whatever anxiety is in his mind right now, I want to ease it, reassure him.

“I ask myself the same question every day about you,” I murmur. I need Jake to realise I am no better than he is. He has his faults, but so do I.

Jake exhales, closing his eyes briefly, then leans in and kisses me. His kiss takes my regret with it.

Losing myself in him, I part my lips, letting his tongue into my mouth. His tongue caresses mine with slow, deliberate movements.

Knowing where this kiss is heading, I whisper, “You want to go back to the villa?” I’m so ready to get naked with him.

“No. I want you right here, right now.” The command in his voice equals the command in his hands as they grip my ass tighter, pulling me hard onto his erection.

“You into exhibition sex nowadays, Wethers?”

He lets out a deep, throaty laugh. “No, I’m just into you. All. The. Fucking. Time.” His words come out staccato with each kiss he places upon my shoulder.

I feel his teeth graze over my skin. My nipples tighten in response, leaving my breasts feeling very heavy in my bikini top.

I cast a quick glance