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Darcy White

Her heart raced as her fingers shook. She scrolled the mouse over to the send button. Biting her lip, she took a deep breath and pressed the button on her mouse to send the message. Darcy left her computer open and took off to the kitchen to see if she could find anything to snack on. She was going to be sick.

Opening the cabinets, she wished food she didn’t have would appear. All she found was a package of instant noodles and crackers with imitation cheese. She needed to go to the grocery store, but was conserving the gas she had in case of a job interview.

Something had to give soon. Moving home to her parents was the last thing she wanted. Both her parents would love to see her groveling at their doorstep, admitting that she needed them and their money. The last time she’d seen them, a year ago, she vowed to not return until she could prove them wrong. And in her current living situation, she wasn’t at that point.

* * * *

Another day at the office, another day of hell. Steven hoped things would run smoothly today. Since his grandfather started preparing for retirement, it seemed like nothing went right. And it didn’t help that his grandfather had put such an ultimatum on him.

Steven laid his briefcase down and took a long drink of his cappuccino, thankful he had the barista add an extra shot of caffeine this morning. He took a seat at his desk and started his day the way he always did, by checking his email. Outlook loaded, he ignored his work email and went to the account he’d set up for his ad in the paper. He waited for the new messages to come down from the server. He was sure today he would find more subject lines like the ones he’d been getting the last few days Ready for your baby or I like it rough. Instead, he found only a single email titled no subject.

He clicked the email and first looked to see who it was from. Darcy White. The name caught his attention and a bell rang in his head. His curiosity piqued. In high school, he knew a girl named Darcy White. She had been gorgeous with her long blonde hair and sapphire green eyes. He’d had a crush on her, but never acted on it. Darcy was quiet and kept to herself most of the time. She didn’t run with his crowd.

He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin. What were the chances that this was the same Darcy? Pulling himself back up to the computer, he logged into his Facebook account and searched for a Darcy White in his area. After scrolling through the results, he grinned. There she was, just as beautiful as ever. She sat on a chair with a beer in her hand and a smile across her face, and she appeared to be having a good time. He scrolled quickly through her info, and then matched the email address listed on her page with the email address in his inbox.

It was her.

This day just got better. He had to handle this carefully though, scaring her off was the last thing he wanted. As he began to write back to her, he wondered why she would be responding to his ad. Even though they were never friends in high school, she came from a prominent family like he did. She couldn’t be hurting for money, could she?

Chapter 2

Darcy fidgeted around her living room, feeling as if butterflies were about to burst out of her. Not long after sending the email to Steven, she got a reply. After exchanging a few messages during the morning, they decided to meet at a local popular restaurant so she could feel comfortable meeting him and know he wasn’t going to grab her, kidnap her, then leave her dead. Once she arrived at the restaurant, she would look for a man seated at a table with a red rose. Now all he needed to be was tall, dark, and handsome. How much more cliché could this get?

In her kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Twisting the top off, she gulped down half of it. What she really wanted was a shot of whiskey from her liquor cabinet. Not only to calm her nerves, but she began to think she was going to have to be completely drunk in order to go through