Mark of the Sylph Online - Rosalie Lario

Chapter One

Taeg was a man on a mission. Too bad he didn’t quite know what it was.

For the third time this week, he stood in this old, stuffy library—the largest in New York City—a place no man in his right mind would ever be. He’d much rather be at a bar right now. Better yet, at the apartment of that bendy exotic dancer he’d met a couple nights ago.

If anyone had asked him last week, he would’ve known exactly what he was supposed to be doing here. But the librarian at the front counter distracted the hell out of him. Not because she was smoking hot—which, admittedly, she was—but no, it was something else.

There was something off about her.

From a distance, he watched her smile at the man on the opposite side of her counter, her lips forming the words, “Can I help you?”

It was far different from the way she’d treated him when she first saw him. The initial flare of recognition in her eyes had given way to revulsion and disdain. She’d treated him like gum on the bottom of her shoe. He would have understood her contempt if she had been one of the chicks he’d boned and never called back. But he was pretty damned sure he’d never slept with her.

He would have remembered her.

Her customer left and she bent over, searching for something under the counter. Damn, but she had a backside on her. From what he could see it was luscious, round, and plump, the perfect match for her more-than-generous breasts. But that train of thought was way too dangerous, as his rapidly growing erection reminded him. Something told him she’d be none too pleased if he walked up to her sporting a semi.

Adjusting himself, he adopted a cheeky grin and sauntered over. “Good afternoon, sunshine.”

She stiffened and straightened, shooting him a glare so blistering it would have made the toughest of demons cringe. Even coming from such a little slip of a thing—she couldn’t be more than a couple inches over five feet—her stare was intimidating. “Here again, Mr... ?”

“Meyers. Taeg Meyers,” he supplied, using the last name he’d taken since making the move to this dimension six months ago. He’d bet his ass she remembered his name. She seemed to hate him too much to forget. He gave her a flirtatious wink. “Couldn’t stay away.”

The woman gritted her teeth. “What do you want?”

Yup, still hated him. He didn’t get it. He was a good-looking guy. Plenty of women had told him so. Why did she look at him like he had a third eyeball growing out of his forehead?

He handed her the scrap of paper he’d scribbled his book requests on. She briefly glanced at it before raking him once again with her contemptuous glower. “More research on the Arthurian legend?”

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for the oldies.”

Her gaze traveled down his body and all the way back again, the cold disdain in her eyes so at odds with what he was used to getting from women when they checked him out. “You don’t seem like the type to care about ancient myths.”

Yeah, she told him that every freaking time. Taeg rubbed his chin, scruffy from three days without shaving, and glanced down at his tattered jeans and T-shirt emblazoned with the words Need a Job... Will Work for Orgasms before giving her an innocent look. “What do you mean?”

She opened her mouth to reply, but anything she might have said was drowned out by the familiar pulse of energy that indicated someone was approaching. Someone who wasn’t human.

A demon.

Taeg whirled around to see a creature sauntering toward them. He wore the guise of a scholarly old man, with white hair and glasses set askew on his large nose. Based on his genial smile and the fact he was in a library of all places, Taeg was willing to bet he was a nagora. They were harmless demons who, with their tiny bodies, green flesh, and pointy ears, resembled something of a cross between Yoda and a gremlin. The ultimate scholars, they would be at home in a place like this. Unlike him.

The demon gave him a curious glance and nodded his head respectfully. Taeg relaxed, returning the nod before turning back to face the woman. He froze at what he saw.

She stared at the nagora, the look of disgust on her face similar to the one she reserved for him. But wait... she wasn’t staring in the right place. She