Immune A Rylee Adamson Novel Online - Shannon Mayer


“Wait, what did you say?”

Dox took a slow deep breath, a rattle sounded in the back of his throat that unnerved me even through the phone. It was hard to tell because I couldn’t see him, but my instincts told me he’d been roughed up. He hawked a glob of spit, and I cringed. Even for an ogre, I knew there was too much oomph behind it to be just spit. Blood, then, was the only other answer.

“We’re in trouble. Louisa is back, and she’s blaming you for her disappearance. I’m being pulled in as the one who raped her. Apparently, we want to use her for our own ends, steal her power.” Another big breath, and then a cough.

I gripped the edge of the kitchen countertop. “That’s not her; she would never do this to us. Dox, what really happened?”

There was a rustle on the other end before he answered, like he was wiping his face with a tissue.

“She had her tribal Guardian pay me a visit. He’s coming back in one week to finish the job if I don’t admit that it was me who hurt her. Then, he’s coming for you. I can’t beat him, Rylee. He’s too strong.”

The old phone creaked under my fingers, a steady ache in my chest reminding me that it hadn’t been long since my last battle with seriously badass supernaturals. “Dox, I can’t help right now. I’m on my way to a new salvage.”

He let out a tired sigh. “Rylee, I’ve never asked you for help before. I’m asking now.”

Dox was one of my few friends, but there was a child out there, hurt and alone, and I was the only one who stood a chance of finding him, hopefully alive. That was what I did. As a Tracker I was the equivalent of a psychic bloodhound able to trace someone’s ‘threads’ no matter how far away, or even if they were alive or dead.

I closed my eyes. Dox could take care of himself; he was an ogre, for god’s sake! Besides, there was no way Louisa would follow through on her threat. Sure, the Shaman could be as manipulative as Hannibal Lector and just as smart; sure, she might try to scare him into doing what she wanted, but I doubted she would really kill him. Louisa was doing what she did best—pulling strings. Dox just had yet to learn this side of her. Still, I felt bad turning him down.

“I’ve got to go.”

I hung up, opened my eyes, and stood there in the kitchen, staring at my reflection in the window. Auburn hair, tri-colored eyes, and a lean body hardened from years of training and fights shimmered in the frosted glass. I scrubbed a hand over my face, the slight tremble in my fingers irritating me.

Yup, some friend you are. I grit my teeth against the thoughts that mocked me. Dox was my friend, but this kid I was going after needed me more.

A week. I had to believe Dox could take care of himself. I was needed elsewhere. Maybe if I found the kid quick, I could head down to New Mexico, give him a hand. Yes, that was possible.

I tapped my hand on the table. North Dakota was about to hit full winter mode, and the other states I’d have to drive through to get to Dox weren’t far behind on the “Fuck, I’m cold” barometer. The forecast predicted a winter storm for late in the week. If I was to manage my salvage and help Dox, I had to get my ass in gear.

Like now.

I had to meet with the kid’s mother in a few short hours at a bar in Bismarck where she worked as a stripper. ‘Bottoms Up’ was a seedier joint, one I knew of only by reputation. That didn’t bother me; it was the kid I was trying to save, not his mother.

“Who was that on the phone, dear?”

Giselle sidled up beside me and I put an arm around her shoulder, surprised by her rational question. “My friend, Dox. He’s in trouble.” A look over her showed that the little time she’d been back with me and out of her rundown home had done some good. Her color had improved and she’d put on some weight.

On the other hand, her mind was as it had been before. Scattered, with only glimpses of lucidity. Not to mention she’d tried ‘running away’ multiple times. She didn’t like being away from her home in Bismarck, and